Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blue Is My Favorite Color

Note: 18 Apr 2012 - Thanks to a blogger / friend, Kay, for pointing out Tumblr possible integration with Disqus. I now integrates this blog with my facebook profile and twitter. I don’t know how to enable posting to my facebook page, yet. Also I’m still in dark on how to change the font color of the posting text. The standard html opening tag <p style = “FFF0000”>  doesn’t seems to work, neither does <font color=”green”>

sample text

See, the above text is supposed to be in green, but it stays in black instead.

Will figure it out soon :(

I’ve just completed the registration with Tumblr.

Look like that the default theme is blue, somewhat dark blue. I like it anyway and I’m not going to change it anytime soon.

Further customization? Probably, but not now. Still shaping my learning curve to move around Tumblr.

And I know some of you, my die hard fans (if there are any, lol), are watching zealously to what I’m going to do with this new Tumblr blog. Okay, seriously, nothing. I just want to keep going and continue from where I stop last time.

That is, to keep on writing.

I once said, writing is about encapsulating the flows of idea in the form of text so other can see them for as long as possible.

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