Saturday, December 29, 2012

Life is Like That

"As uncertain as the next breath of yours. Maybe it is going to be continued or the amount of air inside your lungs, is the last one"

Day in day out.
Week end week out.
Year end year out.

The only constant things in life are in and out. Plus additional wrinkles and grey hairs. And the uncertainties, too.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Google Chrome Everything and a Monolithic Internet?

It is good to see that Google is now become the most successful Internet company on Earth.

Good in a sense that, it is a living proof that one doesn't has to be the first, in order to become the best. Against all odd it beats all the tough predecessors such as Altavista, Alltheweb,  MSN Search, Askjeeves , Lycos and the like, and marched straight to the top.

Sunday, November 18, 2012 is now DEAD

Highly likely so. 

The DNS of has been down for a week or so.

It is truly a discouraging experience of using free domain services.

I started out using free domain for quite a long time to host some websites of mine beside standard TLD. I think it was since 2005 with,, .co.TV, .TC, .tk and of, the so called 'industry leader' of free domain provider.

Bypass Bluecoat Filter

Update on Nov 19, 2012:

I found the simplest way to avoid this irritating web filter by using FreeGATE

Sunday, November 11, 2012

So It Is Entirely Up To Ayamas To Sue Sarawak Veterinery Dept, Not?

Sarawak Veterinary Department had declared that the substance of choramphenicol being found on their main product. The verdict has been issued, and the letter is circulating in the internet lightning fast.

Maybe the department's decision was due to the real concern.

The problem is that, in just a week or so, the federal Ministry of Health, comes up with the a contradictory statement. No such substance to be found, the minister said.


I mean, imagine the huge damage it inflicted to the company's image.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thumb up for DOTtk and, and what happen to Smartdots.Com?

I have to revise the positive review on FREE domain service a couple of weeks ago. Free is free, but in order to stay ahead in business even free service need to be in good quality.

My free dotTC domain, has been inactive for nearly a month.
The webhosting is ok.
My website is ok.
The database is also ok.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

LHDN Buka Kaunter Permohonan BR1M 2.0 Mulai 1 Nov - 31 Dis 2012

MIRI: Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) mulai membuka kaunter-kaunternya hari ini untuk permohonan Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) 2.0 bagi tahun 2013.

Pengarah Cawangan LHDN Miri, Toh Yong Lai, memberitahu orang ramai tidak perlu berebut-rebut untuk datang ke pejabat berkenaan pada hari ini kerana kaunter permohonan tersebut akan dibuka selama dua bulan.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Beautiful Link Exchange Banners

Link Exchange. 

A must for bloggers as it creates a good first impression, having a decent banner for your blog. It is also an effective promotion tools. It gives bloggers sense of belonging, "I help you, you help me" kinda way The PM of Malaysia, Najib, thinks attitude of doing thing. 

For those interested in link exchange, these are beautiful blogger banners for you.

Pick any of them, put it on your blog and tell the respective blog owner so they can put your blog link on their blog's front page. Or, in case that you have banner on your own, send it to them so they can put the reciprocate banner. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Public Bank And Maybank E-Banking Service, I hate you both

First of all, if you happen to be one of those Public Bank and Maybank employers, don't just bluff with excuses. I'm not using e-banking service just yesterday. And I knew what web security means.

Accept the fact that your e-banking service is of a low quality or, 'lawya' in Malaysian slang.

Last week.

In all of a sudden, I can't logging in into website due to the given reason there, of the 'incorrect password'. I couldn't believe it  as I knew the pasword very well. After trying  twice in a row then I slowed down the typing process, there the culprit was. That I can't enter the last character, the 13th character of the password. And there seems to be the odd reminder was, that "your password should be between 8 - 12 characters". Whaat!  I have the thirteen character password and maybank limit it to twelve, now how I gonna filled it in?

And this week,  I can't logging in into I was prompted with the similar reason of 'incorrect password'.  And it goes to the similar problem that  I can't enter the last character, the 13th character of the password.
Again %#@*!

The problem isn't just stop there, it then trails by the password recovery option.

Maybank:  I have to  fill in everything including ATM card number and National ID number before they send a reset code via sms.

Public Bank: This is interesting. Imagine, that they don't even offer password reset service because of the cited security reason.  Read their password reset policy in the picture below.

I have yet to go to Public Bank office to reset my password, so I still have time to grumble.

 I have another  observation on other things too.

a) It is quite normal that TAC  takes long time to arrive or, simply doesn't arrive at all.
b) Make sure you set the three secret (security) questions properly. If you don't,  they may popup at the time you never expect it, asking non existence question that never being set up and your account can be blocked because of that. There it was, I had to bear the cost of a trunk call from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur just to solved the problem, some time ago.

Public Bank: 
Even if you set some accounts as favorite payee, You will have to request PAC every time the transfer is to be made. Cmon,  favorite account means frequent transactions are expected . Therefore, keeping them as 'favorite' because we wanna make the transaction simple.

What  a lawya bank. Lawya.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Foreigners charged with overstaying

MIRI: Two foreigners were yesterday charged in separate cases in a Magistrate’s Court here with overstaying. Irawati, 27, [...]

Source:The Universe of Kedayan

Friday, October 5, 2012

Grab Your Fancy FREE Domain Name at

Yes FREE. Fancy domain names.

Or rather subdomain name that behaves like Top Level Domain (TLD) with ability of DNS control  at smartdots. But I can't see the ability to modify the CNAME record though.

Smartdots with its *.*.ic is the latest addition to the existing free domain services such as *, * and *.tk.

Though the best  free domain names is still,  in my humble view. * set the minimum 25 visit for every 90 days or your domain name will be deleted, plus the mandatory back link to their website. So to *.tk although it learned the hard way probably. In the past, every visit to it subdomain *.tk will be greeted with 3 nasty and mandatory popups.

On the contrary, provide the service as free as free beer. Even Dr. Mahathir's (former Prime Minister of Malaysia) blog  is using it, do check his blog at

Update on Nov 19, 2012: The usage of FREE domain name is strongly discouraged if you are serious in creating website. When they gone, they gone often without notice leaving your website inaccessible. Smartdots and CO.CC are already dead. Read here, here. For those who still interested in FREE domain, .CU.CC and dot.TK are the available option.

I stumbled upon smartdots website while trying to find alternative hosting and domain name to one of my favorite blogs.

Nice right?

Good for casual website and blog. I mean, especially if all you want is to have a php-based website that being hosted elsewhere and you don't mind to have an unconventional URL, other than those of *.com, *.net or *.org.

Here's another example of fancy domain name that I finally came up with.

And also that,  if you aware and don't really mind that somehow major search engines especially Google may not put up a good priority (not SEO friendly) over your fancy free domain and website.

Last year Google blocked the whole websites from the index before putting them back as many had complained against such  move. Free domain is subject to be abused, people at Google said. It may be true, but may also because of the need to protect blogspot, Google very own blogging site and by itself is a proud brand.

It is equally too bad it may sound as that, nearly all search engines have their own free blogging site (geocities of yahoo, livejournal and bing, etc.) that need to be protected even by creating lame excused to justify the move.

But c'mon, nobody can really control the direction of the internet.

Low priority or not, such as in the case of, even Google should not not felt that it has the absolute right to deprive and to exclude the 11 million websites by being indexed just because spammers using the service.

Before Google, there was a major search engine known as Altavista.

Altavista is extinct now. So wake up Google - you can become extinct too.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Lawas, death of Lun Bawang teen sparks ethnic tensions

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 26 — Hundreds of upset Lun Bawang natives who took to the streets in a Sarawak border town following the controversial death of a 19-year-old teenage boy from their tribe last Friday have sparked fears of a racial and religious fallout with Malay-Muslims, the Borneo Post...

Full reading:SOURCE / Bacaan penuh: SUMBER

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Protest Over Killing in Lawas

Several thousands of people arrived from all over Lawas, Limbang and Sabah yesterday to protest the murder of 19-year-old Edwin Singa Pelipus. Pix: Free Malaysia Today KUALA LUMPUR: Hundreds of upset Lun Bawang natives who took to the streets in a Sarawak border town following the controversial...

Full reading:SOURCE / Bacaan penuh: SUMBER

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Digitized Morning

Guess I will be a bit busy.

See the above old fossil, there? Then the fixed line telephone. Move on to the Android-On-A-Netbook, another netbook and finally, an android tab. Of course, not to mention the mobile phone that I'm using to capture this photo.

With all those gadgets on my desk, I sure connected enough.
I mean connected, connected.
Wired and wireless to the world all day, today.

Thinking back, only one of these is actually necessary. One is enough and it does all the same function and other will just become redundant. It just that we tend to have extra things as life goes on because at the acquired time, we need them.

So what now. I'm thinking of a garage sale.
RM100 each? *Duh*

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Are you a blessing or a punishment?

It is certainly not very innocent, this " Innocence of Islam" movie. 

What a waste of effort making such movie that causing unnecessary deaths and stirring unrest around the world.

To the very least, do understand that the status of Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Islam is in no way equal to any Tom, Dick and Harry all the time. He is, according to the holy book, a blessing for the whole universe (rahmatul fil 'alamin). Full Article

Hack Your Android

Android actually is a bare minimum operating system or platform that is fit into a low end computing hardware. That are primarily, smart phones and your handheld tablet (known as "TAB", i-Tab, Galaxy Tab etc.). It is designed to that type of devices, as many people probably don't feel very much convenience of carrying a laptop-size mobile phone everywhere they go.

But why do we need to hack the Android?

The answer is simple. Each and every Android OS relies on a stripped down Linux kernel to operate with. It is but undeclared sibling of Linux. It shares Linux file structures and behaviors. Android inherits the capability of Linux and function. For example, Android has two types of users. First, the ordinary or the end user, that is you.  Second, the administrator as Linux allows it to the level much beyond of Windows 7. A power user  that can do anything that makes the system goes for the better or for worse. Which is also you, should the hacking succeeded.

Still, why do we need to hack the Android?

Because as I said earlier, Android is designed to operates on a low end hardware. Every storage, space and memory counts on nearly all phones or tabs that you bought. So if there is anything inside there that can be put away, theoretically  it shall behaves better and runs faster thereafter, likely.

Basically, by hacking and gain the administrator access to your Android, you will be able to

i) Remove the manufacturer specific and often bloated bundle wares that come with the phone. Most of them don't even being used from the time you bought the phone till the day it broke down. So release the space and speed up the phone.

ii) Install every app that you wish with root access. For some apps, root access install means extra functionality.

iii) You get a total control of your system including the capability to damage your system, Yeahh, freedom to break of sort. That is the spirit of a hacker!

First thing first. A disclaimer, do it on your own risk. I shall not be held responsible for any damages that may caused to yourself, your mobile phone or tab etc..

Please be forewarned that you may void the device warranty as well.

But c'mon, you wanna hack it right? So, about the gaining administrator access in Android. They call it root, rooting the Android. Search Google about this or simply click this LINK.

Happy hacking!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Are you a blessing or a punishment?

It is certainly not very innocent, this " Innocence of Islam" movie. 

What a waste of effort making such movie that causing unnecessary deaths and stirring unrest around the world.

To the very least, do understand that the status of Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Islam is in no way equal to any Tom, Dick and Harry all the time. He is, according to the holy book, a blessing for the whole universe. In Semitic term it is "rahmat an lil 'alamin".

A lowly depiction of him is absolutely uncalled for. That is the basic No-No for more than one billion people on Earth. Cross the line, and triggering anger among Muslims is a near certainty.

I'm not going to say anything more. RIP for all those died because of the hatred it sparks.

But the phrase,  blessing for the whole universe. That is one end of a line.

For Genghis Khan, it is totally a different story.

It was reported that after conquering the great city of Bukhara, he entered the Friday congregation in a city mosque and declared, "O people, know that you have committed great sins, and that the great ones among you have committed these sins. If you ask me what proof I have for these words, I say it is because I am the punishment of God. If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you."

A punishment.

A punishment for the whole universe? Not so.

But in comparison to blessing, the word punishment is sure the other end of a line.

And speaking of a small universe of self, a cosmos. What are you to people that you care for, people that you love with. Are you a blessing or a punishment?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Belanjawan 2013 diharap cermin keprihatinan k’jaan

LIMBANG: Pembentangan Belanjawan 2013 pada 28 September ini diharap terus mencerminkan keprihatinan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk menjamin kesejahteraan pelbagai lapisan masyarakat.

Full reading / bacaan penuh: SOURCE / SUMBER

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog-Blog Sabah Terkini, Setiap Hari - Sabah247

Kemaskini dari para blogger Sabah 24 jam sehari, 7 hari seminggu. Kunjungi laman ini. Anda pasti akan berpuas hati dengan gambaran perkembangan semasa yang lebih menyeluruh dari perspektif tempatan, selain menjamin perluahan pendapat yang lebih tepat berbanding tanggapan orang luar. Paparan di...  

Full reading / bacaan penuh: SOURCE / SUMBER

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Memperkenalkan Blog Super dari Sabah dan Sarawak

Oleh awang_tongkol via email Memang Blog Super la bah! Satu projek blog untuk mengetengahkan blogger-blogger dari Sabah dan Sarawak melalui posting syndication. Projek ini adalah bertujuan menyenaraikan seramai mungkin blogger-blogger yang aktif dan memilih posting-posting terkini mereka untuk...

 Full reading / artikel penuh: SOURCE / SUMBER

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Menyumbang Kepada Malaysia dengan Membangkang

via kadayanuniverse

Novel Review: Isteri Separuh Masa

Isteri Separuh Masa

by Suri Ryana

551 pages

Kaki Novel Enterprise

Isteri Separuh Masa is the author's second novel after M.A.I.D (which I read back exactly a year ago). I don't remember doing a novel review for her first novel but I do remember I like it LOL! Hence I didn't hestitate to buy her second 'baby' - Isteri Separuh Masa.

Medina Izwani was adopted when she was 6 years old by Nazrin Shah's parents. She was treated like their own daughter and a sister by Nazrin until 1 day, Medina clamied that she saw Zita (Nazrin's soon to be fiance at that time) having an affair with another man. Nazrin's parents and grandma were furious and the engagement was cancelled. Nazrin was devastated and he blamed Medina for what happened.

From that day onwards, Nazrin somehow had cast Medina as an outsider. For him, she was no longer the beloved sister she once to be. Whenever they met, verbal fights were always there. Just before Nazrin left to the UK to continue his studies, his parents and grandma decided to marry him off - to Medina! Both strongly disagree obviously! Medina who was having "cinta monyet" with Megat Shazril at that time wanted to fulfill her dreams to study in Ireland with Megat Shazril before marriage.

But for their love to their grandma, who was fallen ill due to their rejections, Nazrin and Medina finally agreed. Soon after their marriage, Nazrin left for UK and the husband and wife only met few times.

4 years later, Medina who was an undergraduate student was shocked to meet his adopted brother aka her husband in the uni's parking lot and more suprisingly, Nazrin was her tutor!! It was getting complicated when Medina had to move in with her husband when their family decided to visit and stay with them for a while.

When 2 people who had known each other for almost their lives; no matter how one hated the another but if you placed them in a room for a longer period of time, they would eventually make up for the sake of memories... sweet memories.

Medina admitted that she had fallen in love with her husband but afraid to say so eventho she noticed that Nazrin had changed, day by day. But when Zita came back into Nazrin's life and demanded that he divorced Medina, Medina had no choice but to confront them and told Zita that Nazrin was not "her type of guy". Nazrin, who realised that he loved Medina was crushed when he heard those words from Medina. Few misunderstandings there, few misunderstandings here, they finally made up... of course... but... life ain't that easy as it seems.

Zafril, who admitted that he liked Medina was frustrated when Medina didn't show any interest in him. So he used Niza, Medina's roommate in uni to know what's happening in Medina's life. Obsession? More to payback, I shall say.

What's the connection between Medina, Zafril, Megat Shazril and Niza? Well, read it to find out... khehe

My rating: 7/10

Next review: Mampu Mencintaimu by Auni Amauni

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So, You Do Like Maxthon Browser

After trying Maxthon, you feel like to use it, this adorable browser.

You are not alone actually. Many netizens fond of it too.

The browser of this type actually brilliantly developed by Chinese software engineers. And being developed in mainland China it comes with two major effects.

First,  it is designed to use less resources in comparison with the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. This is easy to understand as the developers taking into account of China's relatively inferior computing hardware in general. It uses the best available option by manipulating the trident engines that resides inside Windows operating system within the hardware limitation boundary.

Second, there are many variants of Maxthon browser, and the lookalikes, and the copycats. This is understandably due to the poor implementation of copyright law in China. The idea of trident manipulation and optimization concept and application becomes an open proprietary secret. There, it becomes sort of a public property and the copy of code made available for any browser designer wannabe. Comes the Maxthon browser, then Dolphin browser, Boat browser, UC broswer, etc. All are developed  within the same concept and probably the source code but then branched out by different people. I dunno who stealing whose idea, whatever.

 So back to Maxthon. It is a syncable browser like Google Chrome, via Maxthon Passport.
You can choose the different browsers engine, gecko or trident on fly.

You also can have Maxthon browser for your android gadget via google Play HERE

Maxthon on Android.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maximizing Nuffnang & AdSense or Optimizing Them?

I never really into the affiliate advertising programs, although I have been writing online for so long.

Not saying that I abandoned the idea altogether.

I know there are many bloggers that making money via Adsense around the world. Or in case of Malaysian bloggers,  via Nuffnang, the leading local online advertising company here.

I created a personal server some years ago. The aim was different back then. I was embarking on an Online Portal and Web Hosting project and there the money  supposedly generated from. But it never took off, money speaking.

Then after the server gone, I put most of the existing materials on free blog site such as blogger. With it affilitate advertising made easy, as simple as putting the ads widget into to the blog layout.

But in my case, it is not about the simplicity. It is  about the result that is devastating.

I sure can't earn a living via Adsense or Nuffnang.

Last time I checked my Adsense account, its USD0.51, equivalent to RM1.60

So I checked my Nuffnang, and guess what. The amount is RM0.25!


Kompom tabley cari makan la.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't BURN .ISO files, Just Access It

So you  downloaded a CD / DVD image from the internet. Or you copied a CD / DVD Image somewhere from your friend's external disk.

Then your friend said something about 'burning it' unto a blank CD / DVD. There you read ages ago that in order to burn an image, you need to have a CD / DVD burner or RW Drive.

Yeah thats right.

That a file started with .ISO extension is infact a CD / DVD image. It is an International Standard Organization format for making a working CD/DVD , an  ISO9660 file to be exact. It is a half finished product by the way. Everything IS inside the file, but to access it you first need to transfer the whole image unto a blanks CD / DVD. It is slightly different from a mere copying. If you just copying an ISO file unto a CD / DVD, it will be still an ISO file there, like before you copy it. So burn, not copying it.

And dammit, there your problem is. All you have with is a cheap netbook without a CD / DVD drive. If you wanna burn some files without a proper drive, you definitely gotta find a lighter!

Just kidding. It is actually possible to simply access the file without burning it.

A Microsoft Windows user (WinXP/Vista/7) can still access the file content inside the ISO file like the normal CD / DVD via third party virtual drive software such as PowerISO. This software create a fake 'D or E' CD / DVD ROM drive in 'My Computer' and by following the instruction, you can 'mount and unmount' the ISO file like 'insert or eject' the real CD / DVD.  Grab the PowerIso from this location.

Linux users do not need additional software to read the ISO file. Well, they are geeks remember? A geek just get himself an X terminal. Then he issues a su or sudo command or even to become root,  then to type

mkdir cdrom
mount -o loop myimage.iso ./cdrom

Walah, it works everytime. Then browse the 'cdrom' folder in the home folder. Later, when it no longer needed, back to the terminal and type

umount ./cdrom

Thats the geek way, along with a geeky note. If the errors pops up after you type the above commands, then please google it to find the correct one. Because even a geek doesn't have to remember everything.

Err, a less geeky solution for a linux user, please? Just click the ISO file, you may be able to read it straight away.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh, I'm on Google+

Yes, I'm.

Find me there.

And it is definitely faster to find me in Google+ by clicking this LINK .

Among the things that I like about Google+ is the slickness of the display with less text polluting the screen. It is showing less advertisements and also, minus those inane postings every moment.

I'm not going abandon Facebook by promoting Google+ anyway. A giant of social network with net worth of USD104 billions and 800 millions user accounts, as they said. So Mike Zuckerberg can go on with or without me.

And gee, agreed on many trailing zeros that Facebook is currently having, both in dollar and the numbers.

But on the user accounts, I think the numbers deprecated very much if we have a second look at it. There is a strong tendency that Facebook users have more than one accounts. So for example, if on average every user have three accounts, means there are only 267 million Facebook users actually. Not 800 millions.

It is Google + EVERYTHING

Google + with 250 millions strong users and expanding.

Yes, almost everything is Google in the internet.

It is among the most innovative companies on Earth. It portrays itself as a good company, a gentle giant and focus on strategic thinking and good governance.

It expands, expands, and keep on expanding.

When Nokia was a decade long industry leader in mobile phones with Symbian, Windows CE and OVI, Google is the key player that eventually pulling it down. Google breaking in where other failed, by using a new, universal and free operating system, Android. Now Android itself is a market leader with 65% of smart phone market share.

Now Google challenging the king of social-networking, Facebook.

It introduces Google + (pronounced as "Google Plus"). It seems impossible at first. Or ridiculous at the very least. But again, it is Google that we are talking about. It slowly squeezing it ways into Gmail database with non-intimidating but persuasive approach asking Gmail users to 'upgrade' their account.

Google + with 250 millions and expanding. Watch out Facebook, you can't deny it existence now.

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