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Sindumin: Coretan-Coretan Siber

Written by Arimi Sidek

Sipitang Siri 2

Sindumin (Lat.4.85, Long. 116.2166667) merupakan salah sebuah daripada tiga pekan (Mesapol, Sipitang dan Sindumin) yang terletak di dalam daerah Sipitang. Pekan kecil ini, kira-kira 300 meter dari sempadan Sabah-Sarawak, terletak di dalam Mukim Sindumin yang terdiri dari 12 kampung dengan penduduk seramai 5,774 orang penduduk. Ia merupakan pintu masuk pertama dan pintu keluar terakhir sempadan darat Sabah ke Sarawak / Brunei.

Kewujudannya bermula dengan pembinaan sederet kedai kayu pada tahun 1948 dan siap sepenuhnya pada tahun 1951.

Berikut in merupakan beberapa catatan yang didapati dari internet yang menyentuh mengenai sindumin.

Sindumin was part of British Semut Operation during Japanese Occupation

"... Lamsau Laungan came from Muaya near Sipitang. He was very young when he worked for Tuan Mac (Warrant Officer McPherson) and he was armed with a Lee Enfield. He initially met Semut operatives in Sipitang before going to Miri by sea. He then returned to Merapok then Mendalong, and he fought the Japs at Pulau Bunting near Sindumin. He remembers Tuan Ric and difficult times when it was hard to get food." " Balang Laya was 11 years old when he carried a Lee Enfield for Tuan Ric, Tuan Mac and Tuan Yud (CorporalGriffiths-Marsh). He met Tuan Mac in Eburu and fought the Japanese at Sindumin where two guerrillas, Achang and Jamal, and many Japanese where killed. He returned to Meligan after the war, and thanks Tuan Mac, although he said that his salary never reached him. Tuan Mac gave it to the native chief, but he never passed it on. He never received his medals either, but he felt very humble to be a part of Semut and would like to see Tuan Mac again."1

Catatan lain mengenai Sindumin dan zaman pendudukan Jepun

"By the end of July patrols from the 2/15th Battalion had reached up the Temburong River as far south as Anggun, and to the northeast one of the patrols based on Lawas had made contact with troops of the 2/3rd Tank Attack Regiment at Sindumin, thirty-five miles across the map from Limbang and on the boundary of the two brigade areas~

Despite the continuous and vigorous long-range patrolling which had been maintained throughout the whole brigade area during this period there had been little contact with the enemy, and it was evident that the Japs had decided on a policy of evacuation of their areas as they came within the range of our patrols."2

Sindumin wetland?

"CONTRIBUTIONS OF PRIVATE SECTOR TO WETLAND MANAGEMENT Private ownership of wetlands is quite limited. The biggest relevant sector is the private ownership of land for wet paddy cultivation. This is an important biological resource in such areas as Sindumin, the Klias Peninsula, Papar, Tuaran, Kota Belud, Kota Marudu and Pitas, with limited areas elsewhere in Sabah."3
Sindumin is considerably known in the internet thanks to Papar-Sindumin Highway. This highway mentioned in many writings, these are some of them.

Framing The Picture4.

Being the first or the last. For Sindumin, this is the advantage (or rather a disadvantage) of being a border town. It serves both entry and exit point...

"KAPIT : More than 2,000 people took part in a Merdeka Walk and a mass aerobics exercise that were held to welcome a 10 member delegation from Biro Tatanegara that is currently touring the state with the national flag as part of the activities to mark the National Day celebration. Kapit was the 25th destination for the delegation led by Awang Ahmad Bin Awang Kassim. The month long programme was launched by the Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud in Kuching on 17 August. From here the contingent will carry the Jalur Gemilang to other divisions before handing it over to Sabah s delegation at Sindumin on 1 September."5.

" The journey to Kota Kinabalu is perfect for a short holiday. Only the form filling detracts from the luxuriance of the low-lying hills beyond Limbang. After the ferry, the road becomes picturesque and varied. One is soon back on Bruneian soil. Coffee at a riverside table in Bangar breaks the journey. There are few houses on the long straight road to Labu and the silent trees are undisturbed by human activity. After Trusan we pass more hills and cross the bridges over brown, sluggish rivers flowing out of the interior. Crossing into Sabah at Sindumin, human habitation reappears and one is on the road to Kota Kinabalu."6

Darker side of Sindumin?

"Bilateral meetings have been set up with Sarawak and neighbouring Brunei to discuss ways to prevent the smuggling of drugs through Sabah. Police believe that drug dealers are using Sindumin in Sipitang as a gateway to smuggle drugs to Lawas in Sarawak and thereon to Brunei. State Police Commissioner Datuk Mangsor Ismail disclosed this during a briefing for the media on the crime, narcotics and traffic statistics for the duration of January to April of this year at the Kepayan police headquarters on Monday."7

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