Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Honeydew Everywhere :)

My, I’m getting obsess with this fruit, dunno why.

Maybe because of the fasting month. We tend to have wilder appetite because of the fasting and the hungry feeling we have everyday for a month.


I like the greenish color of it. I crave for the sweetness it tastes. I love the texture plus, I’m dying for the freshness of honeydew smell.

And I wish someday, I will have honeydew farm in my backyard.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Honeydew, In The Fasting Month of Ramadan

“I’m a self-appointed sidekick to my brother, the most honest politician on earth. All he knows is to work very hard and treated everybody with gentleness and kindness”

I went on a retreat for a couple of days. It was refreshing of sort, and made myself realized many things. I put three of them here.

First, that I’m going to become a self-declared sidekick to my beloved politician, once again. He is the most honest politician on earth. All he knows is to work very hard and treated everybody with gentleness and kindness, which is considered rare in politics. You know, Malaysia’s politics nowadays is anything but gentle and kind.

He once jokingly said that I’m the first computer expert  in 7 generations of our family.

So now I’m telling that he is the first politician in 7 generations of our family.

It sounds strange but our family came from a long line of warrior tradition. Maybe it is good idea to consider calling us as Borneo’s Samurais. The bed stories about our ancestors were nothing else except bravery and fighting.

We are brothers. But unlike Kitingan brothers, we actually move in pair for many years. He is the mastermind, I’m his extended weaponry, the sidekick. I think I can read his mind, and he read mine too. So most of the time, I tried to understand what it is in his mind that he wants and he needs, and I executed them into actions. But although he understand mine, I’m glad he never tried to execute any of them as both of us may ended up as bank robbers, God knows.

Second, that my tumblr postings affirmed that I’m a surrealist writer. Yeah, kinda surrealist writer that I have told you before. With the postings like that, soon enough there will be ONLY ONE die hard reader that is able to understand and keep on reading my blog post. And the reader will be none other than me, myself. That is why I post something different and lighter this time, to chill this tumblr out.

Third, that honeydew is the ONLY thing I want in life. It looks hard, anything but interesting from outside, yet it is so soft and so sweet inside. Seriously what else can be make me so tempted in the whole world other than a honeydew. Considering and taking into account that, in this moment and in the fasting month of Ramadan ;)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Seeker’s Path 4: The Original Universe, The Reality

“the universe that duplicates itself into all sentient beings, and the big universe and small universe co-exist side by side as the result”

And here’s the tricky one. I’m not writing this much often because the correct comprehension is deemed important. Somebody who possess the knowledge may necessary to guide you on the right path, as common misunderstanding on the subject is a near certain.

Nevertheless let sticks on the simplicity of it. 

Actually there is only one universe that serves as the source of everything, everything at all. It is the original universe, The Reality.

It is known as ‘aql al-kulli’ or ‘haqiqat’ in Arabic. This is the universe that duplicates itself into all sentient beings. And as the result, the big universe and small universe co-exist side by side. The point of duplication process is very important, as it serves as the beginning of the emergence of duality as we knew of.

Yes, duality.

Such as, day and night.

Masculine and feminine.

Happiness and sadness.

Light and darkness.

Love and hatred.

The list goes on for as long as you wish.

Yes, duality.

Yet it shares the same root. 

That is, The Reality.

Which means, you and I and everybody else some way or the other are, interconnected to each other.

We are connected to the same ocean of emotion, for example. But only if we are capable to dig deeper, real deep. Right into the point before the emergence of the duality that we are talking just now. There, we will find the same flows of sadness, pain, sorrows. And even to the emptiness that we felt, is actually being trapped into the same bottomless pit. Interconnected into everything that you think until now, nobody knows, nobody cares.

So what now, are you still feel lonely? You shouldn’t. When you feel lonely, the loneliness may spread to people around you.

Don’t spread hatred either, as it clouds people around you.

So be strong, as others may benefit from your strength.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Seeker's Path 3: The Beautiful Universe Inside You

“no matter how empty you feel the life that makes kinda to better-die-than-to-live situation, wait till the drought season to pass before your life back on track”

YOU. Yes, you.

You are actually a complete world. 

A complete universe on your own.

Within yourself.

Deep inside.

I’m talking about real world, and real universe. And this is not about the mumbo jumbo word’s sweet play. The realm of the inside universe, we called it as ‘microcosm’. Medieval Arab scholars called it as ‘alam al-saghir’ - The small universe. While, the universe that we known of or taught in school is known as ‘alam al-kabir’ - The big universe.

In English, the two known as microcosm, and macrocosm.

I quote the Arabic terms because there are huge collection of in-depth studies by Arab scholars on this subject. Not only that they studied it, but it becomes part and parcel of their life. They believed in it and experience it beforehand. Abd al-Qadir Al-Gilani (1077–1166), Muḥyiddin ibn ‘Arabī (1165-1240), and Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī (1207-1273) are the leading trio, perhaps.

So, this small universe thing. A universe albeit a small one, it has everything that are in the possession of the big universe.

Whaat, you smoke too much weed, man? Nope, I don’t. But Yes.

There are calm weather inside you.

There are bad weather in side you.

There are wet seasons inside you.

There are drought seasons inside you.

Mountains, valleys, rivers, skies, everything.

It is pertinent that you to bear with all the climate changes inside. There is no such thing as good timing, by the way. When it comes, it comes, so to speak.

No matter how sad and painful it is, you will need to wait until the rainy season pass before it goes.

No matter how empty your pocket is, or,  no matter how empty you feel the life is due to some unforeseen circumstances that make you feel not worth living anymore, or better-die-than-to-live situation, you need to wait till the drought season to pass, before the life back on track.

But come again, can’t you see that this life is so beautiful?

You have knowing this inside universe for several decades of living. Having passed through all climate changes back and forth, and crossing the seasons that keep moving in cyclic way inside you.

Really, your life is worth living for. And life is both so beautiful, and bountiful.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Menyumbang Kepada Malaysia dengan Membangkang

Bagaimana pula kalau pembangkang menjadi terlalu kuat? Oii mangkuk! Kalau terlalu kuat, jadilah namanya kerajaan, bukan lagi pembangkang!

Media arus perdana terutamanya alat propaganda kerajaan seperti Utusan Melayu, TV1, TV2 dan  TV3 semakin tidak releven dengan pembangunan negara sekarang ini. Perkara ini bukan soal idealisme, tetapi lebih kepada praktikaliti. Tidak praktikal membelanjakan beratus juta ringgit setiap tahun mempertahankan prasarana media yang hanya menghasilkan berita dengan mutu tercorot di dunia.  Ya, corot tanpa nilai etika kewartawanan yang sepatutnya dengan berita senget sepanjang masa. Gambaran seolah-olah segala-gala yang buruk adalah kepunyaan pembangkang dan hanya kerajaan yang suci, bersih lemak berkrim. 

Pemimpin dan penyokong Pembangkang adalah merupakan rakyat Malaysia. Samalah seperti pemimpin dan penyokong kerajaan, semuanya adalah rakyat Malaysia. Jika seseorang membangkang dan bukan pula rakyat Malaysia, bolehlah perkara sedemikian disifatkan sebagai musuh negara. Akan tetapi, memandangkan sama-sama rakyat Malaysia, hak mereka untuk memilih sama ada menjadi penyokong atau pembangkang kerajaan haruslah dihormati. Proses demokrasi memerlukan dua pihak bertembung untuk membolehkan rakyat memilih hanya pemimpin yang terbaik .

Pembangkang merupakan orang yang patriotik kepada negara. Jangan terlalu percaya dengan  propaganda kerajaan seperti Utusan Melayu, TV1, TV2 dan  TV3 yang saban hari memburuk-burukkan pembangkang dari segenap sudut. Menjadi pembangkang sebenarnya berganda-ganda susah berbanding dengan menjadi penyokong kerajaan. Menjadi pembangkang memerlukan suatu ide pembaharuan untuk mendatangkan kebaikan pada negara di masa hadapan. Menyatakan pendirian memerlukan keberanian, ketabahan menghadapi kesukaran dan kemungkinan ditindas sepanjang masa demi menegakkan apa yang ingin dicapai.

Pembangkang adalah rakyat yang penyumbang kepada kemajuan dan pembangunan kepada negara kita dengan cara membangkang. Tanpa pembangkang tiada yang menegur kerajaan. Tanpa ada sebarang teguran maka segala keputusan perbelanjaan negara akan dibuat sesuka hati, pembaziran akan berlaku dan rasuah semakin bermaharaja lela.  Contoh perbelanjaan sesuka hati dan tidak berkualiti. Muzium Sultan Mizan, Terengganu berharga RM450 juta misalnya runtuh hanya berusia 367 hari setelah siap dibina .

Pembangkang adalah terdiri dari pelbagai latar belakang kehidupan. Ada diantara mereka yang telah mempunyai kebebasan kewangan dan tidak perlu bergantung kepada kontrak-kontrak kerajaan untuk menampung hidup. Ada yang menjadi pembangkang kerana ditindas dan tidak pernah mendapat kontrak untuk menampung hidup. Ada juga menjadi pembangkang kerana merasa tiada apa-apa rugi sama ada menyokong atau membangkang kerajaan.  Ada yang menjadi pembangkang kerana terpinggir. Ada pula yang menjadi pembangkang kerana meminggirkan diri dan tidak mahu bersekongkol dengan kemungkaran yang dilakukan oleh pemerintah dan kader-kadernya. Akan tetapi walau dari mana latar belakang mereka sekalipun, matlamatnya adalah sama. Pembangkang adalah menawarkan satu ide alternatif pembangunan dan penambahbaikan dari sudut berbeza mengambilkira kelemahan-kelemahan yang tidak dipandang secara wajar oleh kerajaan yang ada dan dianggap perlu diambilkira untuk halatuju pembangunan yang lebih baik untuk rakyat sekaliannya.

Bagaimana pula kalau pembangkang menjadi terlalu kuat? Kalau terlalu kuat, jadilah namanya kerajaan, bukan lagi pembangkang 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Unburden Yourself

So you are living a difficult life and it is so difficult that you feel so hard to even breath.

What is it inside you, what problems are you having that makes you so down? It is complicated alright, but at least it could be summarized in a form of single word such as problem at work, financial problem, family matter, your lover ran away, etc.

See, they are all started with a straight word and a simple description. Then they are becoming wild mustangs, running wild into every corner of the universe inside you and, immerse themselves into the primordial sea of emotions deep within you.

They are all burden nevertheless. But, sometime it is amazing that we are willingly to carry too much burden, more than what we can and more than what we should.

Then eventually we feel the heaviness.

We are groaning in pain.

And then, we keep on complaining.

And then, we started blaming the life.

And then, we start pointing finger to every body. Except ourselves.

So, make it simple. As simple as making simple description to it.

Remember this, we were all born  naked. Then we make it complicated by putting all whimp and fancy until we die. And why not being honest to ourselves. That we have made a wrong decision. That we are the one who created the mess. And now the situation is getting out of control there are things that we overlooked and that need to be reconsidered.

Unburden yourself. Unshoulder the burden.


Irna • 15 Jul 2012
Tulisan sdr. memberikan semangat kpd saya yg baru putus tunang. Padat2, mudh dfahami & sgtbermakna.

arimi •17 Jul 2012
Ty Irna. Glad that this humble posting cheering u up and, I'm very sorry to hear thing that just happened to you. Lets put it this way. Hardship makes you a better person and hopefully, you will meet a better person in future. Be positive.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

NO PHONE Till Monday

My bad. I  forgot to bring the charger back home yesterday.

I now become certain that it is still hanging on the electric wall socket at my office. But I think I switched it of already.

So, no phone till Monday.

A peaceful Saturday.

A peaceful Sunday.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Seeker's Path 2: 'Carl Jung', not Carl Junk

Prof. Jung says that “An uninterpreted dream, is like an unopened gift from God”

By the way, it is ‘Carl Jung’ to start with. Not Carl Junk. He, I mean Jung, is one of the prominent 19th century’s scholars on psychology. One of his major work is on a natural phenomenon that each and everyone of us experienced it almost every night, dream.

And Prof. Jung did not believe that dream is just a junk piece of memory. Every dream is valuable. According to him, “An uninterpreted dream, is like an unopened gift from God”. I don’t wish to give lecture about Jung’s Dream Theories, please ask uncle Google to know more about it.

But I do want to share the most vivid that I had last night. It was so clear that it is like a verbatim copy of something that I have uttered as fatherly free advice in real life. The different is that, instead of giving advise, I’m the one who got to listen to it. Too bad that in a dream, you can’t run away but to abide by the rule of a dream world.

I’m back, writing. A light kick start on personal rant that some readers may do not like. But this is a blog, who cares.

I played cat and mouse with the rain just now. Just a split second I entered the main entrance of the office, the downpour started. 

Nothing much can be done outside now. It is raining, still. 

And someone is still mad at me, maybe. She asked me to collect a  Pos Laju thing at the post office down town. After about half an hour waiting, there the staff says “Sir, this is a credit card delivery. We don’t allow other people to collect it on behalf of the owner. The authorization is only good for other type of postal items”.

So its a credit card ma’am. I can’t collect it on your behalf. Sorry.

There was a wise man sat in front of me and says these words

“Understand the value of life. Promises are meant to be broken. The true happiness lies beneath yourself, not on somebody’s else. Hatred and love is just the two sides of a coin. Once you throw it, it flips as it wishes. Know your limit well. Know where and when to stop pursuing what you desired most. Chasing tirelessly beyond it will eventually lead only to your own shadow.”

Yes, this is really happened. In my dream. And yes, I did talked about this to someone or some people, before. The dream rewind it back to myself just like a reflection that we saw in a mirror.

So it is a vivid dream, or lucid dream. Or simply a junk friction of memory. I don’t know. Maybe it just mirroring on what I did in real life, to make myself feel how is it exactly like if someone said the same boring advice to me.

Or maybe just a fair warning so that I value life more that what I’m now.

I don’t know for sure. 

Darn Naughty TumblrBot!

Alright, I owed an explanation to some readers. Sorry if the previous posting about ‘bad mood and bot’ things hurts.

I just revamped my tumblr. You know, like changing the name, putting some new words and attempted to change the theme back and forth. And I ticked ‘Enable Ask Question to Me’ and then that silly question pops up. I typed some answers, and wala…, tumblr put it on my post for everybody to see.

Gee, what a question when I was really not in a good mood.

Last thing I checked, tumblrbot is actually a bot designed by tumblr to put up random silly questions as we enable ‘Ask question’ feature.

That’s all about it. Life is both bountiful and beautiful, Cheers.

The Seeker's Path 1: A Prologue

First of all, let me clarify myself.

This writing is not about Uncle Seeker a.k.a Habib Abdullah, a blogger who are still under Malaysian Police custody due to some appeared to be nasty postings about HRH the Sultan of Johor. Neither this is an Uncle Seeker’s alternative blog, nor that I’m exploiting his instant fame or about para normal phenomenon of any kind.

(And I wrongly pressed publish button while trying to save this article, so you may have to refresh your browser in order to properly read the finished work)

I picked the word ‘seeker’ because I can’t think of any other words to match the arabic word ‘salikin’. After all, ‘seeker’ seems to be widely used as the translation  in many related texts on this subject.

Salikin on the other hand, is a description about someone who is looking for something. And in religious context, it is to describe a tireless effort of seeking one’s true self.

It is about the journey within microcosm of self and  macrocosm of world and,  the contact between the two.

As far as I can understand, it is a science albeit the border line between science and metaphysics at a time or another is hardly to be seen. Nevertheless, studies in this field fall into parapshchology and psychoanalysis.

Years ago, this is among my reading interests. I wasn’t really into Max Dessoir, Henry Sidgwick and Arthur Balfour works. Instead, I was focus and digging into Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis and Carl Jung’s Dream Theories.

In searching for one’s true self. 

The big  ’I’ and the small ‘i’. 

Or the force behind it. The libido or whatever.

Sound complicated or rather, absurd? I don’t blame you anyway.

In a materialistic view, it warrant question in an instant, what benefit shall I get out of learning this thing?

Well, if you think you become rich out of this, it is outbound for sure.

But to grasp a different level of understanding about life, yes.

To be continued.


Yo, what a question lol.

By the way I feel better if a certain bot just shut up so I can think of something else and to figure out what is the next course of action. Are we cool, Bot?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kumbang Ali-ali

Alright, the term “my mind happily fixed on something” in yesterday’s posting found to be confusing for some. At least to a reader that is seeking further clarification about it.

Well, it is a mind training of sort. It is not unusual at all for those who are familiar with meditation. Candle meditation for example, is the simple and popular method to fix your mind. It is as simple as taking a candle of any type, and sit in front of it, and stare at the flame for as long as you can.

Of course you can do anything else, so long it can fix the mind and make you focus. Take this Hamengko Buwono the ruler of medieval Yogyakarta in Java. When he was still the crown prince (Pangeran Mangkubumi), he had chosen a much harder method to fixed his mind up. On a certain night every month, he will throws his favorite ring  unto Pepe river of Surakarta and then, spending the whole night diving and struggling to find it. The replica of the ring still can be found today and being known as Kumbang Ali-ali.

Strange enough? Yup, it is.

Stupid exercise? Maybe.

What good will it brings out of this? Focus, and endurance.

Because, according to the olden books of Javanese,

“Urip  iku  pindha  pesate  warastra  saka  gandewa tang  pinenthang. Lamun mleset  siikii lesane mbilaeni”

(Life is like an arrow shot from a bow. If the target missed, it can be dangerous)

How dangerous it might be? So dangerous that, we may spend the the whole life in regret.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Darn Forgetfulness!

I heard that Albert Einstein wore the exact same thing every day.

It was reported that he bought several pairs of the similar suit so he doesn’t wasting time to choose what suit to wear every time. Or perhaps to eliminate useless effort to remember the suit that he wore the previous day, or to avoid of being forget about what color of suit he put on a day before.

I assume that he wants his brain constantly focus on things that he loves most, the science. Maybe the idea is that, to get your mind fixed on something, and forget everything else uh, Mr. Enstein?

Yo, I’m not Enstein. But my mind happily trained to focus on something for the past few weeks.

And today, I wear sandals to work.

I forgot to wear the shoes. Darn.