Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kumbang Ali-ali

Alright, the term “my mind happily fixed on something” in yesterday’s posting found to be confusing for some. At least to a reader that is seeking further clarification about it.

Well, it is a mind training of sort. It is not unusual at all for those who are familiar with meditation. Candle meditation for example, is the simple and popular method to fix your mind. It is as simple as taking a candle of any type, and sit in front of it, and stare at the flame for as long as you can.

Of course you can do anything else, so long it can fix the mind and make you focus. Take this Hamengko Buwono the ruler of medieval Yogyakarta in Java. When he was still the crown prince (Pangeran Mangkubumi), he had chosen a much harder method to fixed his mind up. On a certain night every month, he will throws his favorite ring  unto Pepe river of Surakarta and then, spending the whole night diving and struggling to find it. The replica of the ring still can be found today and being known as Kumbang Ali-ali.

Strange enough? Yup, it is.

Stupid exercise? Maybe.

What good will it brings out of this? Focus, and endurance.

Because, according to the olden books of Javanese,

“Urip  iku  pindha  pesate  warastra  saka  gandewa tang  pinenthang. Lamun mleset  siikii lesane mbilaeni”

(Life is like an arrow shot from a bow. If the target missed, it can be dangerous)

How dangerous it might be? So dangerous that, we may spend the the whole life in regret.

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