Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Seeker’s Path 4: The Original Universe, The Reality

“the universe that duplicates itself into all sentient beings, and the big universe and small universe co-exist side by side as the result”

And here’s the tricky one. I’m not writing this much often because the correct comprehension is deemed important. Somebody who possess the knowledge may necessary to guide you on the right path, as common misunderstanding on the subject is a near certain.

Nevertheless let sticks on the simplicity of it. 

Actually there is only one universe that serves as the source of everything, everything at all. It is the original universe, The Reality.

It is known as ‘aql al-kulli’ or ‘haqiqat’ in Arabic. This is the universe that duplicates itself into all sentient beings. And as the result, the big universe and small universe co-exist side by side. The point of duplication process is very important, as it serves as the beginning of the emergence of duality as we knew of.

Yes, duality.

Such as, day and night.

Masculine and feminine.

Happiness and sadness.

Light and darkness.

Love and hatred.

The list goes on for as long as you wish.

Yes, duality.

Yet it shares the same root. 

That is, The Reality.

Which means, you and I and everybody else some way or the other are, interconnected to each other.

We are connected to the same ocean of emotion, for example. But only if we are capable to dig deeper, real deep. Right into the point before the emergence of the duality that we are talking just now. There, we will find the same flows of sadness, pain, sorrows. And even to the emptiness that we felt, is actually being trapped into the same bottomless pit. Interconnected into everything that you think until now, nobody knows, nobody cares.

So what now, are you still feel lonely? You shouldn’t. When you feel lonely, the loneliness may spread to people around you.

Don’t spread hatred either, as it clouds people around you.

So be strong, as others may benefit from your strength.

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