Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Seeker's Path 3: The Beautiful Universe Inside You

“no matter how empty you feel the life that makes kinda to better-die-than-to-live situation, wait till the drought season to pass before your life back on track”

YOU. Yes, you.

You are actually a complete world. 

A complete universe on your own.

Within yourself.

Deep inside.

I’m talking about real world, and real universe. And this is not about the mumbo jumbo word’s sweet play. The realm of the inside universe, we called it as ‘microcosm’. Medieval Arab scholars called it as ‘alam al-saghir’ - The small universe. While, the universe that we known of or taught in school is known as ‘alam al-kabir’ - The big universe.

In English, the two known as microcosm, and macrocosm.

I quote the Arabic terms because there are huge collection of in-depth studies by Arab scholars on this subject. Not only that they studied it, but it becomes part and parcel of their life. They believed in it and experience it beforehand. Abd al-Qadir Al-Gilani (1077–1166), Muḥyiddin ibn ‘Arabī (1165-1240), and Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī (1207-1273) are the leading trio, perhaps.

So, this small universe thing. A universe albeit a small one, it has everything that are in the possession of the big universe.

Whaat, you smoke too much weed, man? Nope, I don’t. But Yes.

There are calm weather inside you.

There are bad weather in side you.

There are wet seasons inside you.

There are drought seasons inside you.

Mountains, valleys, rivers, skies, everything.

It is pertinent that you to bear with all the climate changes inside. There is no such thing as good timing, by the way. When it comes, it comes, so to speak.

No matter how sad and painful it is, you will need to wait until the rainy season pass before it goes.

No matter how empty your pocket is, or,  no matter how empty you feel the life is due to some unforeseen circumstances that make you feel not worth living anymore, or better-die-than-to-live situation, you need to wait till the drought season to pass, before the life back on track.

But come again, can’t you see that this life is so beautiful?

You have knowing this inside universe for several decades of living. Having passed through all climate changes back and forth, and crossing the seasons that keep moving in cyclic way inside you.

Really, your life is worth living for. And life is both so beautiful, and bountiful.

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