Thursday, May 24, 2012

Heck this is a blog

There are many reasons why strong words made their way up here in this blog. In shortlisted form it could be like this

Intentionally, yes.

To poke pun, yes.

Sarcasm, yes.

Bad taste in mouth, may be.

Foul language, very seldom. Not that I remember any.

Hatred, Nope. Nay. Never.

For most part of the reasons, it is because my writing style has been developed this way, I mean in blogosphere. Blog or in its older term, web-log is meant for online diary. It is a personal or semi-official log book in electronic form with frequent updates just about anything that come across in the mind of the author.

Mind your language. Of course. I remember that too.

But any statements always expressible in two forms and it still bring about the same meaning in people’s mental plane.

For example, please compare the saying of Jesus, “Do to other what you would have them do to you” with the saying of Confucius, “One should not treat other in a way one would not like to be treated”.

One positive and the other one is a negative statement, but the meaning still the same, not?