Wednesday, April 20, 2011 email for RM50 million?

This is insane!

Just grant Tricubes with RM50 millions for God's sake. Minus the email address that Malaysians generally don't need.

Yes if I read it correctly, as you know I went hybernated for a month or so. As soon as I woke up, here the government prepares for 1Malaysia email project and it going to cost RM50 million. This is insane.

1TriCubes Official email

Official or not, I now already have more email addresses than I can manage so please no more email address.

And official or not, I don't want any emails that are automatically prepared for me by someone's else. The so-called 'official' email idea isn't new actually. Since in 1990s, the state government of Sabah is providing free and also 'official' email account to nearly every government staff till today.

It is so official that I never actually used it because I found out that communicating official matters via email in many occassions are equally insane. I recall the time last year when I sent an email to a certain government department in Kota Kinabalu. To ensure that they receive the email, I have to call them up asking to check their inbox. I made a follow up on the next day only to find that they actually printed it out so the head of department can read it, so they said.

As insane as it may sound, the other reason why it has been printed is so they can filing it later.

Why on earth don't they asked me to simply fax the letter instead of email?
The project, said Prime Minister Najib Razak, in announcing it at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre in Putrajaya today, will allow direct and secure communication between Malaysian citizens and the government.

Its purpose, he added, is also to enhance the delivery of government services to consumers and businesses alike.

Asked if the project will conflict with existing government e-government sites and services like MyEG, Tricubes said that the project differs from the existing initiatives.


If this is official email, it is supposed to be @Malaysia.TLD (TLD stand for Top Level Domain for example .net, .com, and so on and so forth), not @1Malaysia.TLD email project. Malaysia is the name of our country, while 1Malaysia is a mere slogan of the current primership of Malaysia. It is comparable to "Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang" of Pak Lah's and or, "Bersih, Cekap Amanah" of Mahathir's, nothing more, nothing less. It so happen in Malaysia that every PM wants something to be fondly remembered with. And it seems now that Datuk Seri Najib wants us to remember his 1Malaysia's idea. Unfortunately not every PM and CM in Malaysia is Tun Mahathir or Tan Sri Taib Mahmud that can last for 2-3 decades. What happen to 1Malaysia email should another PM comes in power in future?

Will it more appropriate as @Tricubes.TLD or @1Malaysia.TLD?

Tricubes Berhad, the company that is going to implement this 1Malaysia email project is being reported as a troubled company. Put it this way, RM50 million is a generous assistance from government to bails it out.

If the bailing out rumours turn out to be true, just grant Tricubes with RM50 millions for God's sake. Minus the email address that Malaysians generally don't need. RM50 million is nothing, as corporate salvaging and scandals aren't surprising in our country by the way. Several billions for FELDA, Hundred millions in Sime Darby, some hundred millions in Transmile. Please don't forget RM1.2 billions for Bank Bumiputra, RM700 millions for Perwaja Steel, just recall it from our memory and we will find many of them .

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