Friday, April 27, 2012

Scabies, scabies ... Cakap ler Kudis Buta

Tiba-tiba seorang kawan macam cemas saja.

Anaknya kena penyakit bahaya scabies. “Scabies ni akibat mites”, katanya. Bahaya! Nak diubati pun ambil masa sebulan. Macam-macam lagilah diluahkannya.

Aku tanya dia apa tu scabies, apa tu mites. Mites tu dia fahamlah, sejenis parasit, hama. Akan tetapi pasal scabies tu dia mengaku dia pun tak tau.Tapi dia bersikeras, doktor kata merbahaya. Cepat merebak, jangan ada binatang peliharaan, jangan ada kucing di rumah.

Scabies, scabies penyakit kritikal serba barukah? Tapi macam pernah dengar. Kepalaku terus mencongak. Alamak, tahun lepas pun doktor bagi krim sapu “Scaboma lotion” takut aku terkena kudis buta. Ditulis dalamnya “treatment for scabies …” Aku bagitau dialah, “kudis buta bah tu”. Ha ha ha…

Masa sekolah menengah, satu asrama budak-budak tingkatan 1 - 3 terutamanya kena kudis buta. Sampai kalau terlampau teruk kena suruh balik. Memang cepat merebak, sungguh tidak selesa akibat rasa gatal dan susah diubati dalam keadaan begitu. Kiri,kanan, depan dan belakang pun ada kudis buta. Guru penyelia asrama ada penyelesaian sendiri. Pagi-pagi dia akan menyediakan sebaldi air suam yang ditaburi serbuk belerang. Setiap murid yang dijangkiti kudis buta akan merendamkan kaki dan tangan mereka di dalam baldi untuk mengubati kudis.

Sama ada doktor atau si kawan itu cakaplah kudis buta, jadi orang lebih senang faham.

Scabies konon. Selain dari kesedapan menggaru berpanjangan, luka-luka dan cepat merebak, di zaman moden ini kudis buta tidaklah kritikal mana.

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Kay Masingan 27 Apr 2012
hahaha..scabies oh. dia mau kedengaran orang yang kebandaran kali kan? atau dia malu mengaku kudis buta, so bila orang dengar scabies, bunyi saintifik lah, jadi penyakitnya sesuatu yang baru kali?

mie4life  27 Apr 2012
Tu belum lagi tu Kay, mangarasi bah. Bahaya kunu ni penyakot. Siap bagitau lagi tu mites dia ialah sejenis hama yg tinggal di bawah kulit. Klau bertelur mcm telur ikan dan itulah yang bikin jadi scabies. :)

Kay Masingan 28 Apr 2012
hahaha...mcm telur ikan ah..nah sandi tu orang tu..hehhe

Mamula 01 May 2012
Uinaa kau, butul macam telur ikan pula ne

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Being Human is More Than Just Getting Older

Cooling down :)

I won’t be mumbling on trivial matter this time. Was at my brother’s house last night. My other brother, not the one that some of you may familiar with.

This brother of mine, I seldom met as we live apart in quite a distance. Once a fierce looking, a tough guy hard-to-deal-with type, he seems settled down much already.

I brought two friends along with me early on the evening. There was a lot of talking and laughing in a breezing cool air.

Till 3 a.m., before we called it off.

It is a human dynamics, which I pretty much agree with. Human does change, and as far as my brother is concerned, he changes for the better.

I wish I could do the same.


Kay Masingan 26 Apr 2012
Changes for the better - Ya, setiap orang pun mahu begitu. Perubahan yang bermakna dan saya yakin kita semua mampu buat begitu. Mungkin susah, mungkin mudah. Semuanya terletak pada diri kita sendiri. Happy Thursday Bro..:)

mie4life 26 Apr 2012
:) Ya, sekurang2nya mempunyai keinginan dan azam utk menjadi lebih baik. Saya skrg di keningau sini sis, bsok baru balik kk.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eat Your Own Karma, Sooner or Later!

Divine retribution or karma perhaps, is outbound to some number of people.

Atheists for instance, believe in no God. For them, the existence of universe is based solely on the randomness occurrences that maintain the cosmos.

Yes, you heard it correct, randomness. It creates a day, and generates a night. And hey, due to a membrane of awareness, a fixed-like chain of events in a form of day and night showing in perpetuity for every 24 hour.

So, how about using the same general rule of thumb to understand what karma is all about? The randomness of action creates a fixed-like reaction, and the membrane of awareness generates a steady flows of reciprocating events, can we agree on that? Maybe isn’t too convincing still, I may say.

But atheist or not, it doesn’t really matter as far as karma is concerned. Lets opt for an agreeable juncture, the science. Consider Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” or simply every action will face reaction. Back to the crux of matter.

Say, just throw a ball unto a wall, it is sure bounces back. On the same binding, do bad to other and they will react the same to you later, if not immediately.

So to speak. Hence, please bear in mind of the saying of Jesus, known as the golden rule or the ethic of reciprocity, “Do to other what you would have them do to you”.

Or perhaps, to consider the saying of Confucius, the silver rule of the same ethic of reciprocity in negative form, “One should not treat other in a way one would not like to be treated”.

As simple as that, isn’t? We don’t have to become rocket scientist in order to figure it out.

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Kay Masingan 24 Apr 2012
Upset over something? ya saya percaya akan karma but most of the time i prefer: let bygone be bygone. Bagi saya, dengan begitu hidup lebih aman..:)

mie4life 25 Apr 2012
Yo my jovial sis! Nope, I'm not. It just a boring advice that I wish to immortalize online so ppl can benefit from it long after I perished. :)

Never messed up someone's life

Don’t be cruel to others.

Don’t messed up with someone’s life.

Those are the golden rule of life that one needs to observed all the time. And this is how I gonna fill up the posting, with the novelty piece of boring advice, please read on if it still bearable to you.

Ever heard of the saying that “crime doesn’t pay”? It is absolutely true. But it doesn’t just stop there. Life is cruel, too. There is no such thing that letting bygone be bygone, just like a snap of fingers in life, hell no. As a matter of fact, every misdeed of yours in the past is like stealing something from someone who will demand, and haunt you back on a later stage of life.

Do noted that the demand always comes in two forms, human revenge and divine retribution. And it is equally bad to know that the retribution of crime just doesn’t has an expiry of whatsoever.

Nah, one probably think, “I have power and money to prevent the restribution of whatever mideeds I had commited, of any kind.”


Just look at what Hitler did in WWW II era. Nearly a century later, today, the jews are still busy haunting on the every living sign of holocaust criminals.

Can you see it, now?


Boboy 3 30 Apr 2012
In term of fighting spirit, bouncing back and revenge, learn from Achehnese. During colonial era, they had scared Dutchs like hell. Practically Dutch never employ Acehnese as domestic helpers---- do some searching on this and post later.

Boboi :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So, your life hits the rock bottom

The famous die-a-slow-death incident was by Admiral Takajiro Onishi in 1945.  He ended his life as slow as possible and stabbed his belly inch by inch before eventually dies 15 hours later.

Note: My deepest condolences to a close friend of mine on the demise of her beloved mother two days ago (16/4/2012). This post may be co-incidentally related to, but it is not about her anyway.

I’m talking about up and down of life.

So one day you find yourself lay down on the bottom bed of the ocean, the bottom rock of your life due to unforeseen circumstances. And totally depressed, full of pain and sorrow. There you’re,  barely alive, and hardly breathing, but still alive by the way.

Too weak and can’t do anything about everything. Can’t get yourself up and to grab a decent rope if there is any, somewhere around. And even if you have the rope in hand, pity that you can’t find a proper place to hang yourself in order to end the misery.

What a pathetic state of life, suits the ‘rock bottom’ name like the pair of glasses.

But hey, there is a good news actually. As you’re now on the deepest bottom, it simply impossible to sunk further, deeper than that.

There are only two options left. Either let yourself die a slow death, or to get up from there.

Lets talk about the first option, die a slow death.

The infamous, modern day planned die-a-slow-death incident was by Takajiro Onishi (1891 - 1945). He was the admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy. When Japan defeated and eventually unconditionally surrendered, he committed a ritual suicide known as seppuku or harakiri in his quarters on 16 August 1945. According to the record, he purposely ending his life as slow as possible and stabbed his belly inch by inch before eventually dies 15 hours later.

You know, seppuku is an honorable act of dying for Japanese people not-so-long time ago. It is done in two steps.

First, to stab the belly wide open horizontally, and then twisting the sword, so part of the intestine piles out as the evident of honesty (see pix).

Second, when the first step above is done with, the helper (a kaishakunin / second sword - see or click the staged seppuku ritual captured by Peery, 1897 on the pix below) will beheading the person to quickly erase the pain.

It was said that Takajiro Onishi refused the second steps (kaishakunin) in order to die a slow death. He begin the ritual on 6 a.m. in the morning and dies in about 9 p.m. on the evening.

What a freaking guy he was, you sure think. Yes, it is. But he was the trained samurai, living with the warrior’s Code of Bushido.

You, on the other hand aren’t. Other than that, you’re too weak and, may not capable of handling more pain than what you already have. I don’t know what you think about this, but the best possible option is to get up. Get up, get a new life. Explore the world and you will be given the second chance, always.

No matter how hard it is, it is always better to stay alive than to die. The sooner you realize it, the better :)

Comments (via disqus):

Mai Da 19 Apr 2012
Easy 2 say, but hard 2 follow...

mie4life 20 Apr 2012
:) understood. It s the virtue of living a difficult life. Even to say something like this is difficult when u r there at the bottom pit of life. One can say thing like this after he succesfully get out from there, not b4 that. But again, there are only two options to choose, either to stay alive or to die. If both dying and living are difficult to choose, then i propose to stay alive~regards.

Mai Da  22 Apr 2012
Sorry sir, my comment not mention to anybody, 100% to myself...what i always feel
4 months ago by:

Arimi 21 Apr 2012
No lar sis... Tak tersinggung sikit pun, ikhlas cakap, tq sbb sudi memberi pendapat. Saya pun bercakap dari pengalaman sendiri :)

mie4life 25 Apr 2012
I'm glad that you share the same poibt of view, ty

Mai Da 30 Apr 2012
Setuju..sebagai muslim kita pun dah selalu diperingatkan agar tidak berputus asa terhadap rahmat Allah...tiada jalan pintas dengan memilih kematian.

Mai Da 15 Jul 2012
Apa kah karne tiada jalan keluar, maka sudah begitu ramai yang mengambil jalan membunuh diri, mungkin saudara juga telah mengkaji

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Insect Politics

“Have you ever heard of insect politics? Neither have I. Insects don’t have politics. They’re very brutal. No compassion, no compromise. We can’t trust the insect.”~ The Fly (1986)

These words has became famous since then. In that film, this speech made by a physically and mentally decaying Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) to his girlfriend Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis), when they were last met.

How true it is. Or is it?

The politics is an art of controlling, an art of deception, and lot of lies. This is where Machiavelli ideas came in handy. It is not so much about reality but about realistic means and realistic goal. It is about managing public sentiment and guiding the flows to where it goes.

Oh, you sure think this is merely my exaggeration of the idea on what politics is all about. But consider these. In ancient China, the sentiment was that an emperor is the Son of Heaven. In ancient Japan, every clan to claimed that  they are the descendant of gods (ujigami).  And in modern Germany, the Aryan is purportedly the pure race, above others. This is how UMNO survives all this while, by keeping the sentiment that it is the champion the Malay causes.

Remember “The Kennedys” series and the trailer: ‘It’s not what you are, it’s what people think you are’.

Whosoever control the public sentiment, they control the people.

Bypass Blue Coat Filter, It Gettin on My Nerves

It started since January this year. Partly because of Blue Coat web classification where  the filtering based there on, and partly because the policy set by the IT administration.

Almost every websites being categorized by Blue Coat. The result is, even Facebook behaves erratic. Tumblr and this account is inaccessible. One moment it goes fine, the other time only Blue coat warning appears.

The previous trick using google translate to access some sites is no longer works either.

OK, Blue coat or admins, I hate you both. Now since you forced me, I spend the whole morning to bypass this irritating censorship. And now, I succeeded.

Update on Nov 19, 2012: The simplest way to avoid this irritating web filter is by using FreeGATE

Next please.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Once a Blogger, Always a Blogger

Hello all.

Just jotting down some words on this blog. I'm struggling to capture and to gather some tinniest friction of ideas to show that this blog still alive, so am I.

Will come back for more, real soon.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Kembali Ke alam Maya

Asalamualaikum & Salam sejahtera,

Kadayan Universe kembali beroperasi atas permintaan ramai. Untuk tidak mengelirukan pengunjung, ini merupakan laman rasmi bagi kadayanuniverse yang sebelum ini menggunakan url dari 2005 - 2010. Sila rujuk pengumuman kami di SINI.

Domain sekarang ini diambilalih oleh seseorang yang tidak diketahui siapa pemiliknya dan tiada kena mengena dengan Kadayan Universe.

Oleh itu kami tidak mempunyai apa-apa kaitan dengan laman berkenaan. Sekian terima kasih.