Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eat Your Own Karma, Sooner or Later!

Divine retribution or karma perhaps, is outbound to some number of people.

Atheists for instance, believe in no God. For them, the existence of universe is based solely on the randomness occurrences that maintain the cosmos.

Yes, you heard it correct, randomness. It creates a day, and generates a night. And hey, due to a membrane of awareness, a fixed-like chain of events in a form of day and night showing in perpetuity for every 24 hour.

So, how about using the same general rule of thumb to understand what karma is all about? The randomness of action creates a fixed-like reaction, and the membrane of awareness generates a steady flows of reciprocating events, can we agree on that? Maybe isn’t too convincing still, I may say.

But atheist or not, it doesn’t really matter as far as karma is concerned. Lets opt for an agreeable juncture, the science. Consider Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” or simply every action will face reaction. Back to the crux of matter.

Say, just throw a ball unto a wall, it is sure bounces back. On the same binding, do bad to other and they will react the same to you later, if not immediately.

So to speak. Hence, please bear in mind of the saying of Jesus, known as the golden rule or the ethic of reciprocity, “Do to other what you would have them do to you”.

Or perhaps, to consider the saying of Confucius, the silver rule of the same ethic of reciprocity in negative form, “One should not treat other in a way one would not like to be treated”.

As simple as that, isn’t? We don’t have to become rocket scientist in order to figure it out.

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Kay Masingan 24 Apr 2012
Upset over something? ya saya percaya akan karma but most of the time i prefer: let bygone be bygone. Bagi saya, dengan begitu hidup lebih aman..:)

mie4life 25 Apr 2012
Yo my jovial sis! Nope, I'm not. It just a boring advice that I wish to immortalize online so ppl can benefit from it long after I perished. :)

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