Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bypass Blue Coat Filter, It Gettin on My Nerves

It started since January this year. Partly because of Blue Coat web classification where  the filtering based there on, and partly because the policy set by the IT administration.

Almost every websites being categorized by Blue Coat. The result is, even Facebook behaves erratic. Tumblr and this account is inaccessible. One moment it goes fine, the other time only Blue coat warning appears.

The previous trick using google translate to access some sites is no longer works either.

OK, Blue coat or admins, I hate you both. Now since you forced me, I spend the whole morning to bypass this irritating censorship. And now, I succeeded.

Update on Nov 19, 2012: The simplest way to avoid this irritating web filter is by using FreeGATE

Next please.

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