Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Google Has Heard Me



I was getting close to become the next Justin Bieber in Google +. The number of + count on the two posts getting somewhere near 600k before it backs to normal. As you can see, no more counting  + sign on the right. It is gone.

... And, Google+ Ghost!

This is scarry. Damn scarry. Google+ is getting spooky.

I mean, I love to blog. And of course I do expect people to read them afterward as that's the reason of having an online blog.

And here comes a brand new Google, with the Google+. A newcomer in social networking but, becoming the center of Google dream at the time being in a hope to bring down Facebook as the leader of internet social networking site.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Starts Anew

We meant it. This site will become more kadayan than before.

Kadayan Universe is having a reboot and massive pruning right now.  This blog is gearing up toward the core of it's inception back in 2005, which is kadayan community. And for that we sadly have to do away for more than half of the archive. Taking due consideration of the huge amount of writing time involved in the process of piling them up, we aren't going destroy the leftover just like that. We will keep all the said articles elsewhere instead. Expect a slimmer, more focus and personalized kadayanuniverse. 

So stay put :)