Wednesday, August 28, 2013

... And, Google+ Ghost!

This is scarry. Damn scarry. Google+ is getting spooky.

I mean, I love to blog. And of course I do expect people to read them afterward as that's the reason of having an online blog.

And here comes a brand new Google, with the Google+. A newcomer in social networking but, becoming the center of Google dream at the time being in a hope to bring down Facebook as the leader of internet social networking site.

Update 6.12 pm: 481k +1 and increasing ...

 I have posted an update in Google+ about this


That is, Google putting up Google+ in everything.
Infact, Google+ is everything that are needed in socializing online, except nobody really use it seriously. At least not  that what I heard of, from amongst my friends.

Sharing and liking features also available in Google+. For example, if you like any posts, simply click the '+1' button and off you go. It means, plus one person or, you are the including person liking it. +10 likes means 10 persons. +100,000 means 100,000 persons. And so on, and so forth.

Hence, please take a look at my Blogspot dashboard on the pix below. Please click for a larger view, to see what exactly do I have there.

See?  +469,552 likes.


Not that I don't like it. It is an honor to have that many ++, the likes. It is about half of a million of clicks...

Except when I double check it on my Google+ profile, there is nothing there. Darn. No sign of  +469,552 nor anything, anything at all.

Maybe I'm new to this Google+ thing. But at the very least, it comes to my knowledge that whenever someone like your post ever, the number of likes will corresponds to the number of people doing so, as in a decent post and decent 'plus / +' below it in a pix shown below.

 Unlike mine, it clearly shown that +611 like it and 76 shares.

So, what do I have here? In a shanty online desert of Google+ in which my tiny circle is consists of less than 15 friends,  I managed to secure slightly less than half of a million plus  (+) of invisible likes. It must be an Internet ghosts that like my posting.

Scarry yo!

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