Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Never messed up someone's life

Don’t be cruel to others.

Don’t messed up with someone’s life.

Those are the golden rule of life that one needs to observed all the time. And this is how I gonna fill up the posting, with the novelty piece of boring advice, please read on if it still bearable to you.

Ever heard of the saying that “crime doesn’t pay”? It is absolutely true. But it doesn’t just stop there. Life is cruel, too. There is no such thing that letting bygone be bygone, just like a snap of fingers in life, hell no. As a matter of fact, every misdeed of yours in the past is like stealing something from someone who will demand, and haunt you back on a later stage of life.

Do noted that the demand always comes in two forms, human revenge and divine retribution. And it is equally bad to know that the retribution of crime just doesn’t has an expiry of whatsoever.

Nah, one probably think, “I have power and money to prevent the restribution of whatever mideeds I had commited, of any kind.”


Just look at what Hitler did in WWW II era. Nearly a century later, today, the jews are still busy haunting on the every living sign of holocaust criminals.

Can you see it, now?


Boboy 3 30 Apr 2012
In term of fighting spirit, bouncing back and revenge, learn from Achehnese. During colonial era, they had scared Dutchs like hell. Practically Dutch never employ Acehnese as domestic helpers---- do some searching on this and post later.

Boboi :-)

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