Friday, July 13, 2012

Darn Naughty TumblrBot!

Alright, I owed an explanation to some readers. Sorry if the previous posting about ‘bad mood and bot’ things hurts.

I just revamped my tumblr. You know, like changing the name, putting some new words and attempted to change the theme back and forth. And I ticked ‘Enable Ask Question to Me’ and then that silly question pops up. I typed some answers, and wala…, tumblr put it on my post for everybody to see.

Gee, what a question when I was really not in a good mood.

Last thing I checked, tumblrbot is actually a bot designed by tumblr to put up random silly questions as we enable ‘Ask question’ feature.

That’s all about it. Life is both bountiful and beautiful, Cheers.

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