Monday, July 30, 2012

Honeydew, In The Fasting Month of Ramadan

“I’m a self-appointed sidekick to my brother, the most honest politician on earth. All he knows is to work very hard and treated everybody with gentleness and kindness”

I went on a retreat for a couple of days. It was refreshing of sort, and made myself realized many things. I put three of them here.

First, that I’m going to become a self-declared sidekick to my beloved politician, once again. He is the most honest politician on earth. All he knows is to work very hard and treated everybody with gentleness and kindness, which is considered rare in politics. You know, Malaysia’s politics nowadays is anything but gentle and kind.

He once jokingly said that I’m the first computer expert  in 7 generations of our family.

So now I’m telling that he is the first politician in 7 generations of our family.

It sounds strange but our family came from a long line of warrior tradition. Maybe it is good idea to consider calling us as Borneo’s Samurais. The bed stories about our ancestors were nothing else except bravery and fighting.

We are brothers. But unlike Kitingan brothers, we actually move in pair for many years. He is the mastermind, I’m his extended weaponry, the sidekick. I think I can read his mind, and he read mine too. So most of the time, I tried to understand what it is in his mind that he wants and he needs, and I executed them into actions. But although he understand mine, I’m glad he never tried to execute any of them as both of us may ended up as bank robbers, God knows.

Second, that my tumblr postings affirmed that I’m a surrealist writer. Yeah, kinda surrealist writer that I have told you before. With the postings like that, soon enough there will be ONLY ONE die hard reader that is able to understand and keep on reading my blog post. And the reader will be none other than me, myself. That is why I post something different and lighter this time, to chill this tumblr out.

Third, that honeydew is the ONLY thing I want in life. It looks hard, anything but interesting from outside, yet it is so soft and so sweet inside. Seriously what else can be make me so tempted in the whole world other than a honeydew. Considering and taking into account that, in this moment and in the fasting month of Ramadan ;)

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