Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Unburden Yourself

So you are living a difficult life and it is so difficult that you feel so hard to even breath.

What is it inside you, what problems are you having that makes you so down? It is complicated alright, but at least it could be summarized in a form of single word such as problem at work, financial problem, family matter, your lover ran away, etc.

See, they are all started with a straight word and a simple description. Then they are becoming wild mustangs, running wild into every corner of the universe inside you and, immerse themselves into the primordial sea of emotions deep within you.

They are all burden nevertheless. But, sometime it is amazing that we are willingly to carry too much burden, more than what we can and more than what we should.

Then eventually we feel the heaviness.

We are groaning in pain.

And then, we keep on complaining.

And then, we started blaming the life.

And then, we start pointing finger to every body. Except ourselves.

So, make it simple. As simple as making simple description to it.

Remember this, we were all born  naked. Then we make it complicated by putting all whimp and fancy until we die. And why not being honest to ourselves. That we have made a wrong decision. That we are the one who created the mess. And now the situation is getting out of control there are things that we overlooked and that need to be reconsidered.

Unburden yourself. Unshoulder the burden.


Irna • 15 Jul 2012
Tulisan sdr. memberikan semangat kpd saya yg baru putus tunang. Padat2, mudh dfahami & sgtbermakna.

arimi •17 Jul 2012
Ty Irna. Glad that this humble posting cheering u up and, I'm very sorry to hear thing that just happened to you. Lets put it this way. Hardship makes you a better person and hopefully, you will meet a better person in future. Be positive.

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