Friday, July 13, 2012

The Seeker's Path 2: 'Carl Jung', not Carl Junk

Prof. Jung says that “An uninterpreted dream, is like an unopened gift from God”

By the way, it is ‘Carl Jung’ to start with. Not Carl Junk. He, I mean Jung, is one of the prominent 19th century’s scholars on psychology. One of his major work is on a natural phenomenon that each and everyone of us experienced it almost every night, dream.

And Prof. Jung did not believe that dream is just a junk piece of memory. Every dream is valuable. According to him, “An uninterpreted dream, is like an unopened gift from God”. I don’t wish to give lecture about Jung’s Dream Theories, please ask uncle Google to know more about it.

But I do want to share the most vivid that I had last night. It was so clear that it is like a verbatim copy of something that I have uttered as fatherly free advice in real life. The different is that, instead of giving advise, I’m the one who got to listen to it. Too bad that in a dream, you can’t run away but to abide by the rule of a dream world.

I’m back, writing. A light kick start on personal rant that some readers may do not like. But this is a blog, who cares.

I played cat and mouse with the rain just now. Just a split second I entered the main entrance of the office, the downpour started. 

Nothing much can be done outside now. It is raining, still. 

And someone is still mad at me, maybe. She asked me to collect a  Pos Laju thing at the post office down town. After about half an hour waiting, there the staff says “Sir, this is a credit card delivery. We don’t allow other people to collect it on behalf of the owner. The authorization is only good for other type of postal items”.

So its a credit card ma’am. I can’t collect it on your behalf. Sorry.

There was a wise man sat in front of me and says these words

“Understand the value of life. Promises are meant to be broken. The true happiness lies beneath yourself, not on somebody’s else. Hatred and love is just the two sides of a coin. Once you throw it, it flips as it wishes. Know your limit well. Know where and when to stop pursuing what you desired most. Chasing tirelessly beyond it will eventually lead only to your own shadow.”

Yes, this is really happened. In my dream. And yes, I did talked about this to someone or some people, before. The dream rewind it back to myself just like a reflection that we saw in a mirror.

So it is a vivid dream, or lucid dream. Or simply a junk friction of memory. I don’t know. Maybe it just mirroring on what I did in real life, to make myself feel how is it exactly like if someone said the same boring advice to me.

Or maybe just a fair warning so that I value life more that what I’m now.

I don’t know for sure. 

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