Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maximizing Nuffnang & AdSense or Optimizing Them?

I never really into the affiliate advertising programs, although I have been writing online for so long.

Not saying that I abandoned the idea altogether.

I know there are many bloggers that making money via Adsense around the world. Or in case of Malaysian bloggers,  via Nuffnang, the leading local online advertising company here.

I created a personal server some years ago. The aim was different back then. I was embarking on an Online Portal and Web Hosting project and there the money  supposedly generated from. But it never took off, money speaking.

Then after the server gone, I put most of the existing materials on free blog site such as blogger. With it affilitate advertising made easy, as simple as putting the ads widget into to the blog layout.

But in my case, it is not about the simplicity. It is  about the result that is devastating.

I sure can't earn a living via Adsense or Nuffnang.

Last time I checked my Adsense account, its USD0.51, equivalent to RM1.60

So I checked my Nuffnang, and guess what. The amount is RM0.25!


Kompom tabley cari makan la.

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  1. perlahan-lahan lah dulu bro. lama-lama boleh jadi jutawan tu. Kalo da jutawan, jgn lupa belanja makan ye..ngau chap pun ok lah..:)