Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So Long Tumblr!

This is my last posting to this tumblr blog.

Thank you tumblr, for hosting this humble blog of mine.

Thank you people, for spending your time reading my posts.

After experimenting with for about 4 months, I came to conclusion that tumblr is not for me. It is a posting friendly social blogging site, but is not user friendly. Or the features simply isn’t there to start with. A simple thing for example, no way to align the text without having to peek on the html code. It failed to meet with the minimum criteria to become a simple blog that i need.

Blogspot still IS. I don’t mind to have another blogspot account to suit what I need. So please find me at to continue with where the postings stop.

I have yet to decide whether to migrate all the postings or to simply delete them altogether with this blog.

See you there.



  1. so i should say: welcome back to blogspot then?

  2. Posting teda2 ni sis, bagus simpan di blogspot buat muzium