Thursday, August 16, 2012

It is Google + EVERYTHING

Google + with 250 millions strong users and expanding.

Yes, almost everything is Google in the internet.
It is among the most innovative companies on Earth. It portrays itself as a good company, a gentle giant and focus on strategic thinking and good governance.

It expands, expands, and keep on expanding.

When Nokia was a decade long industry leader in mobile phones with Symbian, Windows CE and OVI, Google is the key player that eventually pulling it down. Google breaking in where other failed, by using a new, universal and free operating system, Android. Now Android itself is a market leader with 65% of smart phone market share.

Now Google challenging the king of social-networking, Facebook.

It introduces Google + (pronounced as "Google Plus"). It seems impossible at first. Or ridiculous at the very least. But again, it is Google that we are talking about. It slowly squeezing it ways into Gmail database with non-intimidating but persuasive approach asking Gmail users to 'upgrade' their account.

Google + with 250 millions and expanding. Watch out Facebook, you can't deny it existence now.


  1. Ya everythg.... Nama En. pun ada hehe.... Selamat hari raya En. Arimi.

  2. Google your way to happiness :)
    Selamat Hari Raya utk Irna juga