Monday, August 13, 2012

Addicted to "Minyak Kapak"

It is a traditional herb preparation, a medicated oil.

It has no particular name, but bearing the ‘Axe’ trademark or brand and being called as that. It is known as ‘Axe Brand Medicated Oil’ or simply an ‘Axe’ Oil, ‘Minyak Kapak’. You can easily grab it from almost all local convenient store.

I like this oil. Or, maybe addicted to this oil. It smells good to me, and refreshing of sort.

When I glued myself to the screen too much, I rub some to my eyes, so the tear bursts, and I feel my eyes kind of relief.

Please be forewarned though, this silly practice does not come into practice along with advice whatsoever from qualified physician of any kind. I dunno what is the long term effect of doing such practice as I made it up myself.

Am I addicted? No lah, seriously. It takes two long years for me to dries up the 5ml of "minyak kapak". The quantity is too small to be called as addiction.

I got a new bottle now, yippyyy


kay masingan • 14 Aug 2012. Tengok yang ini tahan berapa lama.

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