Friday, August 3, 2012

It Is All Started From a Tiny Seed

Life is like an arrow shot from a bow. If the target missed, it can be dangerous.

“Urip iku pindha pesate warastra saka gandewa tang pinenthang. Lamun mleset siikii lesane mbilaeni” 

Too heavy? Let simplifies it.

Please take a look at where the honeydew life cycle begins.

Here’s the young greenish blooms.

And up shooting itself into becoming a beautiful plant.

If nothing is missed, the fruitful harvest is ready to be served.

Enough the teasing with honeydew, but I bet you can feel the tingling sensation in the mouth, right? Happy fasting to all muslims. It is the thirteenth day, today.

As some of you might be fasting too, this words maybe useful.

Don’t say things when you are mad. 

And there’s some things you just don’t say, even if you are angry.

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