Friday, August 24, 2012

Go Hybrid: Maxthon vs. Lunascape Browser

It is a war between the three giants in internet browser's world. Between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. On the other hand, Opera is yet another lightweight browser with good reputation as the fast browser. Although never become a real dominating force into desktop computing environment, it bears a heart of a true fighter. It is there years ago and it is still there now, keep of fighting, still alive and getting even better.

A clear winner is not something that foreseeable easily in the nearest future.

All of them powered by different engine in the background. Chrome is powered by WebKit, Firefox by Gecko, while Explorer is by Trident. 'Engine', as the computing term says. It actually  refers to the core software that browsers are made of. The engine controls the layout, dictates how the browser behaves, and translates html codes into presentable form that the end users can read, see and listen into, etc.

However with Maxthon and Lunascape, browser war isn't only about intense battles, survival and perseverance anymore. The two bring about a different perspective on what browsers are capable of. Instead of fighting, they merge the giant engines into a single browser. Yes, merging them into one. 

Both are developed in Asia. Between these two relatively incognito browsers outside their fan base, Maxthon is actually more popular and has a strong following in China. Lunascape on the other hand, is developed and quite popular  in Japan. 

"Maxthon 3" combines Trident and Gecko engine in it, and can be switched back and forth as necessary,  2-In-1. Means you have Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox at once, in every click.

LunaScape combines Trident, Gecko and Webkit , 3-in-1. Means, Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome at once.

I think both are fast loading. Switching back and forth between different browser engines are seamless.The interface is simple and highly customizable. Skins and extensions (addon) base are available. Some Firefox addons are applicable to Lunaspace. I haven't tried them on Maxthon, please ask Mr. Google to know more about them. But they are definitely worth trying.

Grab the latest version of Maxthon from here, and Lunascape from here.

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