Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Seeker's Path 5: Getting Lost and Being Confused

Are you lost?

Hey, I mean, lost.


Lost, maybe. If all you can see and brag about is only that. The past seems to be the only beautiful things you ever had in this life. Anything at present isn't worth mentioning. Let alone the future, it is twinkle-twinkle miles away.

Lost, perhaps. If sleeping is the only thing that may cure the discomfort feeling inside you. Or even inability to sleep due to much of discomfort surge.

Lost, probably. If eating is the only entertainment that breezing your soul. Or you can't eat at all, much to the buzzing emotion from within.

As confusing as it may sounds, but that is much of getting lost  all about.

Even Obama gets lost and confused

You see, a huge chunk of getting lost is actually being confused. And adding into that there are pretty much of duality. Means, two different things from the two extreme ends pointing to the same direction. Such as whether you are eating or not eating still giving the same clue that you are lost, what is more confusing than that.

So the bottom line is, acknowledge that in fact that you are indeed lost. That solves nearly half of the problem. Accepting where you are may reduces confusion. The way back home starts there, most likely.

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