Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh, I'm on Google+

Yes, I'm.

Find me there.

And it is definitely faster to find me in Google+ by clicking this LINK .

Among the things that I like about Google+ is the slickness of the display with less text polluting the screen. It is showing less advertisements and also, minus those inane postings every moment.

I'm not going abandon Facebook by promoting Google+ anyway. A giant of social network with net worth of USD104 billions and 800 millions user accounts, as they said. So Mike Zuckerberg can go on with or without me.

And gee, agreed on many trailing zeros that Facebook is currently having, both in dollar and the numbers.

But on the user accounts, I think the numbers deprecated very much if we have a second look at it. There is a strong tendency that Facebook users have more than one accounts. So for example, if on average every user have three accounts, means there are only 267 million Facebook users actually. Not 800 millions.

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