Saturday, September 1, 2012

So, You Do Like Maxthon Browser

After trying Maxthon, you feel like to use it, this adorable browser.

You are not alone actually. Many netizens fond of it too.

The browser of this type actually brilliantly developed by Chinese software engineers. And being developed in mainland China it comes with two major effects.

First,  it is designed to use less resources in comparison with the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. This is easy to understand as the developers taking into account of China's relatively inferior computing hardware in general. It uses the best available option by manipulating the trident engines that resides inside Windows operating system within the hardware limitation boundary.

Second, there are many variants of Maxthon browser, and the lookalikes, and the copycats. This is understandably due to the poor implementation of copyright law in China. The idea of trident manipulation and optimization concept and application becomes an open proprietary secret. There, it becomes sort of a public property and the copy of code made available for any browser designer wannabe. Comes the Maxthon browser, then Dolphin browser, Boat browser, UC broswer, etc. All are developed  within the same concept and probably the source code but then branched out by different people. I dunno who stealing whose idea, whatever.

 So back to Maxthon. It is a syncable browser like Google Chrome, via Maxthon Passport.
You can choose the different browsers engine, gecko or trident on fly.

You also can have Maxthon browser for your android gadget via google Play HERE

Maxthon on Android.

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