Monday, November 19, 2012

Google Chrome Everything and a Monolithic Internet?

It is good to see that Google is now become the most successful Internet company on Earth.

Good in a sense that, it is a living proof that one doesn't has to be the first, in order to become the best. Against all odd it beats all the tough predecessors such as Altavista, Alltheweb,  MSN Search, Askjeeves , Lycos and the like, and marched straight to the top.

Google everything now. Take the case of Chrome, for example.

And just see how the browser's war force internet browsers to focus on improving end users browsing experience, among other things.

Last year in 2011 Firefox was at the peak of their best browser ever, the final version of Firefox 3.6.28. Should there no Chrome, there weren't much else to improved with. This version is almost perfect without known flaws or security hole whatsoever, until now.

But because of Chrome, people at Firefox are shivering and sending huge panicking signal throughout the Internet. Imagine that, in a year or so, the new release version of Firefox has been exponentially leap forward from version 3 to version 16!

Either those people don't sleep at all or, they treated every modification to Firefox as a new version to serve the purpose of competing.

But lets keep the competition spirit alive.

For if it vanish, then all we are going to have is the monolithic internet. In which, everything IS Google.

And when it really comes, it turns thing from bad to worse as even now the signs are around us already. Google Chrome somehow asks to log in into your gmail account in order to enhance the browsing capability. It asks you to log in to the google+, and as everybody knows, is tracking your browsing habit. You can't install extension on Google chrome except from Chrome market Market.

I humbly feel that it is only a matter of time that somebody will figure out how to relate this monopolistic behavior the way Microsoft and it's Internet Explorer inflicted by Antitrust Law of the United State of America.

But before that, of course, Google Chrome everything.

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