Sunday, November 18, 2012 is now DEAD

Highly likely so. 

The DNS of has been down for a week or so.

It is truly a discouraging experience of using free domain services.

I started out using free domain for quite a long time to host some websites of mine beside standard TLD. I think it was since 2005 with,, .co.TV, .TC, .tk and of, the so called 'industry leader' of free domain provider.

Update on Nov 19, 2012: The usage of FREE domain name is strongly discouraged if you are serious in creating website. When they gone, they gone often without notice leaving your website inaccessible. Smartdots and CO.CC are already dead. Read here, here. For those who still interested in FREE domain, .CU.CC and dot.TK are the available option.

Of all the above, only .tk and remain in operation until now.

And taking into consideration of my own experience for over 7 years. I rather put my last bet on .tk than as they actually are the registrar the country based domain name of Tokelau, the territory of New Zealand. on the other hand is just the owner on, a domain name provided by a country based registrar of Netherland top level domain names.

But thats is all about free domain.

You are totally at their mercy. And often their online service is less than human. I mean when they gone they just vaporize into thin air without a slight courtesy of putting up a proper notice so their poor clients, albeit FREE clients, can do something about it in advance. gone just like that, leaving 11 million users in confusion. 

Industry leader, they said about


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