Friday, November 9, 2012

Thumb up for DOTtk and, and what happen to Smartdots.Com?

I have to revise the positive review on FREE domain service a couple of weeks ago. Free is free, but in order to stay ahead in business even free service need to be in good quality.

My free dotTC domain, has been inactive for nearly a month.
The webhosting is ok.
My website is ok.
The database is also ok.

Update on Nov 19, 2012: The usage of FREE domain name is strongly discouraged if you are serious in creating website. When they gone, they gone often without notice leaving your website inaccessible. Smartdots and CO.CC are already dead. Read here, here. For those who still interested in FREE domain, .CU.CC and dot.TK are the available option.

What is wrong with your DNS service, Smartdots?

*Smartdots*; here my complaint goes. I understand the DNS service is somehow on beta stage, correct me if I'm wrong. I was all impressed with the fancy domain of your offering and setup several domain names with you. But imagine. the service is down for quite  long and effecting  all my domains without a simple notice whatsoever except the single irritating word, 'inactive'.

My support ticket to your company gone unanswered.

And all, except the aforementioned website has been transfered into and and all, up and running in an instant. stays with you for the time being as a control to measure how sensitive you are to rectify the problem.

So shape up, or die.


  1. well i have same problem with smartdot is like run away with no any explaination his company doesnt care with customer /client
    this basis in india if they care should email us announcement to us and it gone be death forever or to me now
    with respect and responsible