Friday, October 19, 2012

Public Bank And Maybank E-Banking Service, I hate you both

First of all, if you happen to be one of those Public Bank and Maybank employers, don't just bluff with excuses. I'm not using e-banking service just yesterday. And I knew what web security means.

Accept the fact that your e-banking service is of a low quality or, 'lawya' in Malaysian slang.

Last week.

In all of a sudden, I can't logging in into website due to the given reason there, of the 'incorrect password'. I couldn't believe it  as I knew the pasword very well. After trying  twice in a row then I slowed down the typing process, there the culprit was. That I can't enter the last character, the 13th character of the password. And there seems to be the odd reminder was, that "your password should be between 8 - 12 characters". Whaat!  I have the thirteen character password and maybank limit it to twelve, now how I gonna filled it in?

And this week,  I can't logging in into I was prompted with the similar reason of 'incorrect password'.  And it goes to the similar problem that  I can't enter the last character, the 13th character of the password.
Again %#@*!

The problem isn't just stop there, it then trails by the password recovery option.

Maybank:  I have to  fill in everything including ATM card number and National ID number before they send a reset code via sms.

Public Bank: This is interesting. Imagine, that they don't even offer password reset service because of the cited security reason.  Read their password reset policy in the picture below.

I have yet to go to Public Bank office to reset my password, so I still have time to grumble.

 I have another  observation on other things too.

a) It is quite normal that TAC  takes long time to arrive or, simply doesn't arrive at all.
b) Make sure you set the three secret (security) questions properly. If you don't,  they may popup at the time you never expect it, asking non existence question that never being set up and your account can be blocked because of that. There it was, I had to bear the cost of a trunk call from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur just to solved the problem, some time ago.

Public Bank: 
Even if you set some accounts as favorite payee, You will have to request PAC every time the transfer is to be made. Cmon,  favorite account means frequent transactions are expected . Therefore, keeping them as 'favorite' because we wanna make the transaction simple.

What  a lawya bank. Lawya.


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