Monday, October 29, 2012

Beautiful Link Exchange Banners

Link Exchange. 

A must for bloggers as it creates a good first impression, having a decent banner for your blog. It is also an effective promotion tools. It gives bloggers sense of belonging, "I help you, you help me" kinda way The PM of Malaysia, Najib, thinks attitude of doing thing. 

For those interested in link exchange, these are beautiful blogger banners for you.

Pick any of them, put it on your blog and tell the respective blog owner so they can put your blog link on their blog's front page. Or, in case that you have banner on your own, send it to them so they can put the reciprocate banner. 


  1. It's a really important way to get a boost in SEO. It's simple but the benefits are great for almost any blog. Links coming from different sites are always welcome for any blog, these kind of links are kind of hard to come by actually.

  2. thanks for sharing.