Friday, January 27, 2006

Web Site for RM15 a month...

Written by arimi sidek

When I say website, I mean a real, recognized commercially, and search engines accepted one. I do not referring to those FREE sites that full with ads and pop-ups.

Real websites must have at least 3 separate components:-

i) Top Level Domain Name (TLD) NOT subdomain name

The oldest TLDs in the internet started with *.com, *.net, *.org, *.edu, and *.mil extension. From there, TLD has been expanded into *.biz, *.tv, *.us, *.name and *.info, beside country-based TLD such as Real website is domain names with simply *.XXX extension. So, your real website such as is a TLD. And its yours, with every rights described by ICAN as the domain owner accross the internet worldwide.

On the other hand, a web with name of is a subdomain of They offer it for free, or for an amount of fee of your choice. But so long it is the subdomain, your sub-domain website will never be recognized anywhere outside You do not have any right whatsoever to No, particularly when you want the site to be exclusively included in major search engines on its own. Yes it will be crawled, but as part of domain name.

ii) Web hosting

Register your domain name is one thing. Now that you have a domain name, you gonna need to have the space to store your site. stores nothing except domain name. Its like registering your car registration number, SAAXXXXR, WBXXXXX alike. When somebody type down at their computers, it needs a web site that can be opened, so the the content of can be presented to the person in request.

This is where web hosting comes in service. It stores web pages that are readable as reference point for

iii) E-mail facility

As a domain name and website owner, an associated core service is an e-mail service bearing e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Common practice arround the world - all the above services sold separately, or they provide it as an additional package with different price.

Here, at Kedayan Network we offer you 3-in-1 service, all from a minimum RM10 per month.

Contact me at (Please replace the entire MYEMAILAT with @ sign, as I 'm trying to fool the spambot) to make arrangement of the service.

Thank you.

Arimi sidek

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