Friday, February 3, 2006

Kadayan Universe Missions

Kadayan Universe Missions
Written by KaaWai ^TaNaH^
Friday, 03 February 2006

Kadayanuniverse has no connection with Persatuan Kadayan Sabah

KU is exclusively belonging to a new team of dedicated Kadayan with an idea above all else, to provide information to Kadayan community on matters of their interests. KU is a medium whereby Kadayan’s culture and tradition be exposed beyond Kadayan’s world, in return we will get better interactions and understanding with other communities.

There are only about 200,000 Kadayan on earth; ninety percent of them are in Borneo Island. Unlike some ethnics on this region Kadayan is among the least known ethnic, partly is because of lack of initiative by the Kadayan themselves.

KU hopes to provide venues for intellectual interactions and discussions not only among Kadayan people but also with other groups and nationalities across the globe on various subjects. However, in the meantime, KU is leaning more towards the discussions on culture,history and sociological aspects that are available in Borneo in particular, but this doesn’t by any means restrict discussions on other subjects.

KU invites participants from students, lecturers, professional and other experts alike to write and promises to publish it if considered beneficial for the development of mankind. Of course, publication is only within the scope set out by the KU Management Team.

With this Kadayan, community would be better informed and others too understand that we are not alone in this world. Thus making KU as a resource centre on the net, for this subject.

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