Saturday, March 6, 2010

Down to Earth - Part 2

Another cardinal mistake committed the Kadayan leaders are shying away from those who they think would throw a challenge at them-‘they think!’

But not unless and until they sit down together they could never be sure! Another way of saying, they are isolating themselves, and mixing only with the groups that they think supporting them, if you’re critical of them you’re their enemy. This attitude perhaps is an imported in particular from UMNO in Peninsula.

Back about the blog, I may continue to write short articles about Kadayan and its neighbours for a while. The contents are intended to be as its title- Down To Earth (I may request the editor of KU to translate into Bahasa if there is a need to do so).

Having said that some readers may get offended, or some readers may have something to say on the contrary, by all means please rebut in civilise manner. Don’t be sulky and don’t be so proud if you think you win because there are no rewards in doing so.

In as far as I’m concerned whatever written here are based on life experience, and ‘knowledge’ (if it ever considered one) obtained both by designed as well as accidental. And Kadayan I’m referring to isbut Kadayan in Sabah, and Borneo in general.

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