Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So long, we may have to move again! ;^(

Seriously folks, Blogspot may delete this blog in 20 days

This is Kadayan Universe first serious blogging attempt with Blogspot.

It was in around the month of August last year, we came to a major decision to change the web host due to a number of reasons. Instead of using another private server we then picked Blogspot, also due to some reasons.

But to transfer the whole Kadayan Universe web structure which is in "php + sql" to Blogspot, isn't an easy task. The design and structure is totally different, away from each other. Our website is in a complete content management system ( CMS) structure, while Blogspot is designed for ease of use, and no sql on the end user /admin part. It left us with few options, and the only viable option within our reach at the time was to MANUALLY upload all articles and picture including re format for each upload.

They are admittedly tedious, time consuming and painstakingly slow. If we take into account of the Kadayan Forum, the whole posting is numbered at about 1,000++ . But well, we are not in hurry to do that, one article at a time. After 7 months (March 2010, at present), the migration process is still in progress. But we can safely say that the work is around 98% complete. As for the time being, all articles have been uploaded except for the forum section.

This is also the time when we got this spam tag message from Blogspot.

Why the tagging? Really, we don't know why.

Probably because of too many posting amount in one day, backdated posts, or the repetition of "kadayan" words in all the postings.

But it wasn't SPAM, at least from our point of view. This is supposedly a complete migration process. We move all data from the old host into Blogspot. We have been around for more that 5 years, that is why the process involves many uploads. In uploading articles, as much as possible, we retain the posting structure including the posting date in each of them, so the backdated posting came about.

As for repetition of "kadayan" words in every posting, We can't do anything about it either. This blog is about kadayan ethnic group - people of Borneo. Almost all are written by kadayan writers, most articles touch on kadayan subjects, news and issues, and especially for kadayan forum, it was a re-publish of all forum postings into new, readable posting as Blogspot doesn't provide built-in forum feature.

We have requested a review. But since the tagging persists for more than 3 days now, we think there are a slim chances that they will spend a time to review this blog. Afterall what is Kadayan Universe to them, probably they can't see us because we are just a tiny bit of data in one of their hard disks.

So we expect the worst, this blog is subject to their mercy, and subject for deletion in 20 days unless they change their good mind.

It also left us of no choice but to wait. But again, it is totally unwise to just waiting and do nothing until 20 days is over. A backup plan is necessary as we may have to move again, it may include re-migration (ugh! again). Perhaps to either one of these new urls, it's all depends on our fate in Blogspot hand. As of today, we have created two mirrors at

mirror #1 kadayanuniverse.wordpress.com
mirror #2 kadayanuniverse.livejournal.com

Kaawai Tanah

Kadayan Universe.com

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