Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ted Williams - You Inspire Me

Yes. his story inspires me a lot. Not the story of what he did from 1993 to 2010, it's the other one, the headlines he made from 04 Jan 2011 until now. That is what I'm talking about.

He was an ex-radio announcer "who has fallen the hard times", that what he said, but it is true. He got into alcohols, drugs, theif, robbery and forgery kind of things. All the dark paths he walked into, eventually left him as a homeless guy - begging on the street - asking for money from the passerby motorists.

Then a reporter from Colombus Dispatch by the name of Dorel Chenoweth found him and reported it on the news portal. Subsequently an anonymous youtube user known only as "Ritchey" posted the video on Youtube on 4 Jan 2011. The rest is history.

I came accross Ritchey's Youtube posting when the traffic hits was only at about 100k. I was busy trying to make my Thunderbird email client to retrieve Yahoo free email without having to login to Yahoo website as I dumped it for quite a while. Thunderbird can do this with the help of webmail addon / hotpops / ypops, but we need to do some workaround before that. I took a glance to it and did'nt bother to listen to what it is inside the video. Comes the next day, I was still strugling to find a way to get rid the "negative vibes" message from yahoo email. Then again, I bumped with the news, also on Yahoo. But that time, after 24 hours - Ted is already becomes internet celebrity with the video hits over than 7 millions.

On the third day, I read somewhere that Ritchey's original posting has been removed by youtube due to copyright claim from Colombus Dispatch. The hits was already around 13 millions when this happened. Right, the Dispatch owns the video. But I believe they made a huge mistake by turning down a lifetime opportunity to made their brand known to the whole world ~ nobody knows about Colombus Dispatch on this side of the world, I'm sure. And since the original video has been removed, I wonder how Colombus Dispatch goes on pursuing the copyright claim on thousands of subsequent postings of Ted William videos on the internet.


But Ted William's life will never be the same again, I suppose. Financially, whatever he is getting in the last 72 hours may be able to compensate the lost of income he experienced since 1996. So whenever your life hit the rock bottom, just remember Ted William.

God Bless you all. And happy new year 2011

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  1. I agree with you Bro, "... whenever your life hit the rock bottom, just remember Ted William."

    ... and just to share my version hehe "... whenever your life hit the rock bottom, just remember how God changed Ted Williams life 360* degree, just because he believe & appreciate HIM everyday " hehe.