Thursday, June 14, 2012

Please, You Even Called This 'Hacking'? :P

It all started with direct twitter messages, via persons that are in my followers list. The messages were interesting enough, saying “Hello someone is posting nasty things about you” and “Hi someone is saying horrible rumors about you”.

When someone says that, then it is only natural for us to know what it is all about. Then the clicking begins. The URL links forwarded from one shortener ( to another ( and, finally the trick is presented before your eyes.

Hold on. First, put on your glases and read. It is ‘tvvitiler’ not ‘twitter’ despite of all the striking similarities.

Here, you are prompted to fill up the ‘twitter’ username and password. And therefore, I filled up mine.

A mock username of course, as the dumb is for the dumb.

After you click the ‘sign in’ button, it will be diverted back to the real twitter page. And of course, twitter complaints that your action was a no-go. There, you have been tricked and now time to weep. In a few minutes your account gone bye-bye.

But this is not hacking, it is called phishing. The trick works only if you aren’t careful. Or maybe, your glasses are misplaced somewhere.

This technique has great flaws in order to get me because I assigned different passwords with certain allogarithm and encryption to every account. Plus, I never touch a keyboard to fill up any login sessions for years.

C’mon, just ask my twitter username and password if you want. But, I don’t even memorize what my password is, so, try harder next time.

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