Thursday, June 21, 2012

When They Want To Write Off This Old Fossil

The machine in my room has been there since 2008.

And thinking about getting older, ehh? If only it is alive, no one understand it better than this computer. It, and I mean all computers, they will die before celebrating the second birthday. I mean years. Two years is the death on natural causes in computer life cycle.

Maybe their  lifecycle is extendable via hardware upgrade. But even so after 5 years, there is nothing much you can get out of it, except much of frustation, unbearable waiting time and lots of pissing off eventually.

I was happily browsing and working with it two years ago.

Was happy with Office 2007 suite, but with 2010 version it  becomes a turtle.

Was considerably good with OpenOffice.Org 2.XX, but with LibreOffice 3.XX it becomes a turtle.

Was happy with Firefox 3.x, but with Firefox 12, it becomes a turtle.

Was happy with GIMP 2.6.x, but with GIMP 2.8.X, it becomes a turtle.

So with Chrome, Chromium, Seamonkey, Opera, Safari and so forth. All gecko based, trident based and webkit-based browsers variances. You name it, I tested most of them on this fossil and bring the same result.

Turtle. Turtle.Turtle.

Processor seems ok, but the memory is too tiny by 2012 standard. So its is now equivalent to a 200 years old turtle.

I gonna talk to my boss about this. But I know that he is also a turtle. Too bad that he is an equivalent of 201 years old turtle.

Getting Old, Ehh? The PC in my room does.

This is actually a turtle dilemma. The slower they are, the longer they live.

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