Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Believe I Can Fly

Just a short break before I move on something today.

Words sometime can be fascinating, like this one. It all started with the word “I believe …”, and it can be anything from there. Here’s some of them

R. Kelly (1006): I Believe I Can Fly

Obama: I Hope You Still Believe In Me

Katy Perry: I still believe in love

Charlie Sheen: I don’t believe in rehab

In Daily Mail: I believe I am Hitler’s grandson

George of The Jungle II: Shep the elephant that believes she is actually a dog.

Najib : A superstitious Malaysian who believes in number one, #1, numero uno. 

He is the 1 who takes credit of all the absurd programs such as 1Malaysia, BR1M, KR1M, Salam 1Malaysia and the likes. 

How about someone who wish to start anew in life?

Would you believe that? Of course you may, or you may not.

Just think like the story of the olden days when a king decided to abdicate the throne and becoming a derwish, leaving everything he posses behind. Siddartha Gautama is the classic example.

It is about the willingness to explore a new life, with lots of uncertainty, pull and push, but fresh, nevertheless. I mean a total reboot, just like a computer. Unshoulder all the burdens, or unburden oneself totally just like a newly-born baby.

Unshoulder and Unburden. Hence, here’s the last catch. I Believe I Can Fry :)

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