Monday, December 31, 2007

About Me FAQs

Q. Who are you?
My name is Arimi bin Sidek, Arimi Sidek. Nickname "Asoe". I'm male, a mid-forty this year (2011).

Q. Where are you from?
I'm a Malaysian from the state of Sabah.

Q. Are you a blogger?
Perhaps, but I'm not sure about this. I have been writing online since 2000, even before the word 'blogger' made famous. Yeah, I knew the first blog was invented in 1997, but back then it was called a "web-log" instead of "blog".

Q. Are you famous?
No, I'm not. I'm a Sabahan and just an ordinary guy, as ordinary as Tom, Dick and Harry that you can find during Gaya Street Weekly Fair [Tamu] in Kota Kinabalu. Frankly I hadn't accomplish a single super feat in life yet. And I'm not asking for one as I like it this way. Wonder why you ask, by the way.

Q. Who sponsors you to write?
Nobody. I'm not a member of any political parties. Ahmad Ismail IS!

Q. You aren't famous, sponsor's by nobody, and you don't even know whether you're a blogger or not. What you're up to actually?
I simply love to write. And I notice that you're reading one of my writings right now, right?

Q. You write in offensive manner, please be civil.
I'm sorry as it may not suit you well, but this is my writing style.

Q. Can't you be more polite?
My apology for NOT offending you yet. If I may ask, are you really a public figure, and of the public interest? Because if you are, sooner or later I will write something about you too.

Q. O my, your English sucks!
Yes, it is. Please read here as to know why. But if you don't mind, please visit this blog and re-read past articles from time to time. I'm habitually correcting errors as soon as I spotted them. You may still find them here and there, though, as I'm still struggling to improve my "inglis".

Q. I don't understand Malay language.
You can translate this blog into English.

Q. Saya sukar mengerti bahasa Inggeris.
Anda boleh menterjemahkan blog ini ke bahasa Melayu.

Q. I don't understand both of them, please translate to other languages!
You're asking too much actually. Why don't you try this?

FAQ Ver 4.5.11 - Last Revision: 14 Mar, 2011.

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