Friday, December 14, 2007

Now I go for Google Adsense

Written by arimi sidek

Today I made a big decision that will effect all websites that I administered with immediate effect.

That is, to include Google Adsense on the front pages in all of them. Not because I newly discover Adsense, but I need sources to finance some of these websites operating cost, especially those not-for-profit ones such as Kadayan Universe and Kedayan Wiki Apakian.

The decision however, does not effect personal and paid websites of individual (friends and clients) that I registered and administer under Kedayan Network / Kadayan Webring / Arimi Online Portal. They are still free to do whatever they want with the websites. Those websites belong to thems anyway.

It took me so long to come to the decision, as I actually try to minimize unwanted front page nuisance, but I believe that commercial elements can be helpful to sustain a long term survival of these website.

So, the very least you can do to support us, is to simply click the ads links on the front page whenever you pay a visit ,, and this website



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