Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Malaysians, time to abandon Microsoft Windows and go for LINUX!

Written by arimi sidek

Greedy monster dream: to racks RM1 billion by forcing Malaysians to buy obsolete product!

A greedy monster, Microsoft, had announced that there will be no mercy for 3 million estimated pirate users of Windows XP Pro operating system in Malaysia from now on. Should illegal users use it for internet purpose, their PC possibly goes blackout anytime.

Revised text version, 27 Aug 2008.

If you don't want it to happen, you have to purchase the original copy of Windows at the cost of RM580.00 each from local resellers or go to Microsoft website .

Curtains for pirated Windows

PETALING JAYA: From today, those with pirated copies of the Windows XP Professional operating system in their computers that are Internet-capable could find their screens going black and the icons vanishing as Microsoft Corp gets tough.

There are 8.6 million users of Windows XP Pro in Malaysia and about three million are expected to suffer the “blackouts”, according to Microsoft Malaysia.

To continue working, users will need to reset the machine’s desktop background. All will return to normal, but only for 60 minutes before another blackout occurs.

The only “cure” is to get a licensed copy of the operating system from a Microsoft reseller or going online at microsoft. com/malaysia/genuine. Each licence costs RM580.

Okay, we should respect the intellectual property right, thats the way it is. Windows XP is a proprietary of Microsoft, so, it can do whatever it wants. But still, Microsoft is unbelievably greedy. This is the strategy to sell phased out Windows XP before it being laid off the shelf. It is the last bid to make Malaysia as dumping ground for obsolate operating system which was launched sometime in 2001 - 7 years ago.

Yes, Windows XP is considered an obsolete operating system, Microsoft is on Vista now. In fact Microsoft's initial plan was to end official support for Windows XP in April, 2008. But the demand for Vista not the way as Microsoft expect as XP remains as a popular operating system and it obliged to extends the support for XP until next year.

RM580 for XP Pro? That is the normal price without any discount whatsoever. By the way, the normal price for Home Edition was only RM350. Microsoft expected to racks more than RM1 billion should it successful in chickening out Malaysian pirates, illegal users.

The monster is dreaming

And Microsoft wanna talk about intellectual property right to 3 million pirate users in Malaysia. Most of them rather face the blackout than to spend RM580 to buy license copy of Microsoft Windows XP. If they wanna buy the genuine copy, they had done so long ago. Now their PC screen goes blank, I bet, they will wait for somebody to come up with 'pirated' fix downloadable from torrent sites to prevent microsoft cop from blanking their screen again, ever.

Ahoi Pirates!, Go for open source

For these reluctant hardcore Windows XP pirates, I propose that you go for LINUX. Its FREE. And go for the most user friendly linux at present, ubuntu and its variants, kubuntu and xubuntu.

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