Friday, March 11, 2011

And You Call This a Blog?

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." — Martin Luther King Jr.

Watching my Facebook page traffics [it is called "Insights View" instead] prompt myself to post this article.

Imagine, 29,003 Monthly Active Users, 5,799 Daily Post Views ( as of today - 12.03.11) with ONLY 2 Daily Post Feedback, 5 Daily New Likes and ONLY 100 total likes!

Don't say that I'm not being grateful, I just curious that maybe FB Insights figure is wrong somewhere, thats all. I had no idea how the figures come about.

Just as curious as I was to traffics sometime ago. For in nearly every posting it simply goes with no comments, no responds, no feedback, no nothing. It is mute nonetheless. But no matter how strange it may sound, the traffics keep showing that daily visits were staggering above 10,000!

If the traffics in both cases above proven to be true, then surely they mean something.

Something that telling there are in fact many readers who happen to be do just that, reading.

Or maybe my visitors are Umno / BN supporters that keep their option open. Or group of people that are keeping pace in collecting information, waiting where and when I happen to commit cardinal sin in the blog, so a police report can be made in no time. Or my friends, and or my relatives. Or maybe it is because of me, because I keep on visiting my own blog as I really "syok sendiri" as Zam, an ex-federal Information Minister of Malaysia, had once pointed this out. Haha..


I have been writing online for a decade or so now. From what I see, it takes more than just an ability to blog in order to stand taller than anybody else in cyber world. That is, even if all you want is just wanna be yourself and speak up your mind freely. Loneliness is likely becomes your best friend, especially if you aren't leaning to any groups or political parties. Be ready to face the scilence of your friends. There may even a point of time that your closest buddies ignore you, and just watching from the safe distance.

Nevermind lah. What I should do is, to simply moving forward.

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