Monday, February 18, 2008

Penulis Blog Syok Sendiri

Written by Kadayan Banaa

Zam: Penulis blog syok sendiri, macam nyanyi karaoke

Not long ago Zam, Federal Information Minister quoted as saying that some blog writers are like karaoke singer, that “syok sendiri” in singing. I think “syok sendiri” means self glorification, self gratification, self enjoyment or, blowing your own trompet.

Zainudin Maidin

Zam is right indeed. He was the reporter / journalist before he became full time politician and a minister. Its only natural for him to knew exactly what does “syok sendiri” mean.

Ask him how does he felt the first time his article being published in Utusan Melayu.

It isn't just karaoke singer.

[But man, if you ever listen to his interview with Al-Jazeerah you can guess, zam really can't sing. No wonder he hates karaoke singer as well]

Be either politician or journalist, “syok sendiri” is the fundamental of everything that you do. It is a raison d'ĂȘtre for everything, without it you are a dead meat. You need to “syok sendiri” first before you can “kasi syok orang lain”.

I mean it. How can you “kasi syok orang lain” if you can't even “syok sendiri” of what you are doing.

In politics and or journalism, or blogism, all of them are about selling oneself. It is similar to sell hot “pisang goreng”s. One sells good “pisang goreng”, it becomes best-selling and his clients eager to grab for more on the following day. But what happen if he doesn't turn up on the next day? Oh well, its just a “pisang goreng” after all. Since he does not sells on that day, clients may simply grab “pisang goreng” from other sellers.


Menteri Penerangan Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin berkata sesetengah penulis blog adalah umpama penyanyi karaoke, "yang seronok sendiri dengan nyanyian mereka", tetapi sebenarnya tidak berpengaruh walaupun mereka mendakwa laman itu dilayari jutaan pembaca. 24-08-2007 04:59:26 PM

I think Zam is too old to understand the internet. But since he does not understand what blogs and bloggers are all about, he talks the talk of grumphy old man. He was a journalist once, but that was for newspaper, not for blog.

If he still capable of learning, and then knew how observes blogs carefully, he can sort out lot of differences among the two.

Newspaper and blog is like a manual type writer and a Pentium D computer. Publishing your articles in newspaper and blog is like sending mail and sending email. [The last time I send physical mail via post office was 5 year ago].

Writing via PC is never similar to writing via manual type writer. It has copy and paste feature, Datuk!

Newspaper is truly an old school media. Nevertheless, they still cater the masses, still very much important. I don't thing they are going to die any soon. But the clients generally are getting older over time.

Bloggers on the other hand are more young [in mind] and energetic, full of ideas, and willing to share them to the entire world, not just Malaysia. But most of them don't get the opportunity to show up in mainstream media.

Selling oneself and image building in real life isn't easy, isn't cheap. So blogging is just what they need. Blog helps them to express themselves, to sell their images and to position themselves in the community. Afterall, internet is something that is within the reach of everybody. It is easy to learn too.

With newspaper, if you curse someone it will be published on the next day, the fastest. The person that you cursed on the other hand, will have to wait for another day to see his reply - that is to curse you back, being published in the same newspaper. But thats only if he is lucky because every news and article subject to editor's approval.

There is no such thing in blogs. Blogger can even publish Zam speech in real time while he is still talking. If zam farts while reading his speech text on stage, his speech will appear somewhere in some blogs while the audience still sensing the foul smell of his fart.

The avid bloggers normaly know much about internet, read a lot and stay long hour everyday in front of their PC. They knew about many things, they travel frequently into virtual world or the Internet with population of 600 – 700 millions, and still growing.

Bloggers, especially the younger ones, normally are highly knowledgeable people. But at the same time they tend to be highly indualistic too. These are the result of spending lot of their life sitting on the chair and glued to the screen - reading, browsing, writing, talking to their virtual friends, etc..

This is not a newspaper but blog, they can reply to whatever you said while you still on stage.

You just can't win by cursing them. If you read the above paragraph you will understand, they are good at cursing you back. Thing will be easy if you, Zam, talk to them nicely instead.

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