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What I need in Sipitang

Written by giin buagas

What I need in Sipitang

Barisan Nasional – BN had announced candidates for Sindumin constituency yesterday, 21 February 2008. Tn Haji Ahmad bin Haji Bujang heeds for State Legislative Assembly (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri – ADUN). While the incumbent, YB Datuk Hj Sapawi Hj Ahmad shifted to Parliament. It is a sudden demise for Datuk Dr Hj Yussof Hj Yacob political career– his name is missing.

Sindumin Leaders

Meanwhile, Tn Hj Ramlee Dua is a clear candidate for PKR so far, although I am not aware about similar announcement from PKR to date.

First of all, I am a proud Kadayan albeit NOT racist. And Sindumin or Sipitang is my hometown. I don't care about the next door neighbor – Lumadan. Let them decide what best for themselves, for their own goodness sake.

In my proud view, sindumin voters are among the best in Sabah. They are most patience citizens with incomparable self complacency, obedient and peace loving people on earth.

Except for a certain outspoken and restless souls – that includes myself - they never complaint much. For example they have to wait for more than three decades for government to provide the most basic sign of modern world – a proper asphalt KK-Sindumin highway that connects Sipitang with outside world.

Now, after “50” years of independence, luxury of this kind remains as untouchable dream for people in Banting, Kuala Mengalong and some other kampungs.

Lets started with the most basic thing, development of Sipitang district. It is not difficult to develop Sipitang actually. Remember the marketing management in school. Think about location, location and location.

And Sipitang location IS strategic.

Its located in border with Sarawak – a more developed state in Borneo island. Sipitang is the last exit to Brunei and Sarawak.

It is also next to Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan – the “pet” of federal government as federal territory since 1982. The situation akin to Pulau Pinang and Seberang Perai in Peninsular Malaysia.

What we need is a mean to translate the strategic location into ringgit and sen – and for that, we are in dire need for creative soul – a capable YB.

If one lurking around and is not blind, he can spot the following potentials almost immediately.

First, to adopt the liking of present government. Create a “corridor” of development, a development triangle, a development area or use whatever term - between Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan and Brunei exactly in this area – in order to promote growth.

"Corridor", instead of “esplanade”. “Esplanade” mean nothing to a shanty town like Sipitang – it will only make contractor who built the “esplanade” richer. My uncle, my auntie will NOT go to that “esplanade” just for sightseeing, I bet.

Second, we speak about tourism potentials – which I think we are lack of nothing here. We can sort out anything from legendary Batu Narit in Long Pasia, Ulu Bole, Bukit Jabih, Wasai, Pantai Marintaman, Pantai Kuala Mengalong, Durian season and the like.

If we really want to, we can even create a new one, such as a theme park or a museum like those of Monsopiad Cultural Village in Penampang, Sabah. I don't had a chance to ask my grampa, but I don't think Monsopiad was a very famous calebrity in the whole Borneo in his life time.

Third, create a University in Sipitang district. Let this humble place became an education hub for the surrounding area. Never underestimate this. This is Tun Mahathir idea for development of Sintok – a “shantier” town in Kedah when he decided to set up Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) some decades ago.

It's easy to set up a university, an individual such as Datuk Dr Lim Kok Wing even created his own university – Limkokwing University.

Fourth, go for a daring one. This is even easier, but also UMNO's idea, not me. NEVER blame me as unreligious being, as I am quite religious actually.

Build a casino somewhere in Long Pasia or preferably in Bukit Jabih.

This is the exact way UMNO developed Genting [Bentong] jungle of Pahang. The place was the famous hideout of Malaya Communist Party.

If you think this is totally ridiculous, the "orang asli" of Pahang felt exactly the same when the first time they heard the idea.

The above four simple mean of district development can only be materialised if, and only if, Sipitang YB are made of these criteria:

a) The leader has to be the guy with experience

Not as government servant, but as a political evil. People always talks about picking up “a lesser between the two evil”.

But to me, a weaker evil is even useless than the worst human being. I rather pick the strongest – that is why Inca empire in Latin America was so strong, they even sacrifice human to prove that they are powerful.

b) A fair play YB with sound mind

Almost all YBs pick the locus of their power in their very own kampung. So are development process and basic amenities, at the expense of other kampungs. Just go to Sipitang, locate the YB's kampung, and compare it to other kampungs at the other end of the district. If you can't tell the different, you better go and see an ophthalmologist.

c) Political parties are INsignificant to Sipitang

Being loyal and obedience are the true weakness of Sipitang people. In the past they love USNO so much, despite of the fact that USNO failed to bring a better quality of life to the district.

They vote base on party's symbol rather than the quality of individual candidates which I think, is terribly WRONG. If Sipitang people really look for development, it is always best to choose candidate based on individual quality rather than a party.

There is nothing shameful about switching party later – it has nothing to do with unforgivable sin of switching religion, or “murtad”.

d) YB should never be too long in the office

I think two terms are long enough for any YBs. They must understand the very beginning that the position as YB is not of “P&P – Permanent and Pensionable” kind of post.

US citizens learn the lesson the hard way, that is why they limit the presidential post into a mere two terms.

But I think The Philipines is pretty damn stupid. What a single term president can do to their country?

In Sabah, we learn this from chief minister rotation system, before it was scrapped by federal government. Nothing can a short lived Chief Minister does – not even capable to collect enough money to sustain a compulsive gambling habit, and an "esplanade", for example.

Unless the particular YB is a genius – such as Tun Dr Mahathir or Tan Sri Taib Mahmud [I limit my compliment on things that they did for economics development not on sodomy case], it is better to stop while they still can.

Too long in service and doing almost nothing except shaking hands everywhere – I rather say, goddamn you.

e) Sipitang need outspoken leaders

Take a look at Bung Mokhtar Raden of Kinabatangan. He is junior compare to the present BN leaders of Sipitang. And I tell you, he is not very smart either, other than the possesion of “laser-powered”, and "unfiltered" mouth of himself.

But I visited the Kinabatangan area twice last year. And the development pace there is tremendous, nothing like it I can see back in Sipitang.

Honestly, I do have problem with soft spoken type of leaders.

They are most likely cunning. These leaders play safe forever, keen on hiding somewhere in gray area – avoiding the most straight answer of YES or NO. This is the most difficult type of persons that I want to avoid if possible.

The common elimination method they use is backstabing. This is due inability to hold correct arguments and confrontation.

They are an insult – they nod to everything you said, pretending to be attentive like no other. A friend of mine call YB of this type as “YB boleh boleh”. This time, I will change the term to “YB bulls**t”.

I told you, I am a proud Kadayan, and I am a practical one.

I am not sensitive over issue whether Sipitang's YBs enrich themselves while in the office. Just tell me who among them were not, since independence. And tell me, except Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat of Kelantan, any Chief Ministers who weren't enrich themselves too?

So, leaders, take everything that you can carry with your bare hands.


Don't be so greed, don't be so mean, leave the remain for the rest of us in Sipitang.

So, if you think that I am a glamorous person [which I am not], you may start to speculate whom I will vote for, from now on.

I have yet to assist any candidates, NOT for the time being as I think all of them doing good without me. Afterall am a busy man. But not only I am good at writing [I am a proud man, so take it easy] I am the best orator too, so watch out. Of course, my vote remains secret, forever.

This is the personal view of the author and it does not necessarily reflect the official view of KadayanUniverse.Com on the matter – Kaawai Tanah.

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