Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Phone & I

Written by Arimi Sidek

I bought a mobile phone set, Nokia N70, two years ago. It was quite expensive back then. I can't remember the exact price any more but sure it was more than RM1, 700. It is bit outdated now, the price hit the bottom down. Last week a friend of mine bought it for a mere RM700.

Nokia N70 Picture

But for more than two years I hardly use it beyond the capacity of phone. That were to make outgoing calls, to receive incoming calls beside short text messaging – SMS. The status quo maintained until yesterday, when a sudden blackout left me in a boring doom. No light, no TV, No PC, no nothing.

Finally I sat down and play with my hand phone to kill time. I noticed then that it has a feature called "notes". I wonder what it was. At first I assumed it was a text like additional SMS feature. Since I had nothing else [and better] to do at the time, I opened it up and started typing something in it.

My initial thought that it just another type of limited kind of SMS texting ability proven to be wrong. As I type more and more text, I realized that it is getting longer than the usual SMS. This plain text processor even surpass the Microsoft Windoze "Notepad" 6Kb capability. I found this out after I had transferred it to my PC.

I wrote this whole article solely using N70 original text processor and I like it. I mean its really convenience to write compare to laptops. I can even continue writing while nature calls.

Some of you probably knew this already but I bet, many still didn't. Neither did I, I sheepishly admit. I think "kabahau-bahauan" fit me perfectly.

I completed this writeup, then sent it to my ever standing nearby PC via bluetooth and wallah, its ready for web upload.

Next, I am looking for a complete office suite for my hand phone.

I heard QuickOffice [ ] kinda popular among palm and mobile phone users, and I definitely wanna try it soon.

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