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Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Written by Arimi Sidek

How about

"Rich Kiyosaki Dad Knew Nothing?"

"Rich Author Poor Readers?"

Actually, this is not a new book. Rich Dad, Poor Dad was originally self-published in 1997. As Kiyosaki worked the seminar circuit, he sold enough books to get the attention of Warner Business Books, a major publisher with better distribution1. The book was written "with" Sharon L. Lechter, but is told entirely from Kiyosaki's first-person point of view2.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book

The book is still popular these days with no sign of fading. Perhaps sales people are too busy doing sales, they glorify any sensible book as "souvenir" to new recruits.

Often people quote this book and the author, Kiyosaki. Probably to show off that this is among a few books that they ever read. I had no problem with Kiyosaki's book until recently, when a speaker brags too much of the antics around it during in a boring seminar.

Robert T. Kiyosaki Picture

I had read the book several times in the past and honesty, I found nothing extra ordinary about it. And I am not alone in having the same thinking.

Kiyosaki himself admits there's not a lot of financial beef in Rich Dad, Poor Dad and agrees that the book is more inspirational than practical. "It's just a book about accounting. That's all it is," he says3.

If its meant for accounting, I think he should sell it for accounting people. But so far, it is a “holy” book in sales, with Kiyosaki's “messengers” brag about it as part of their sales pitches every where.

The idea behind Kiyosaki’s Poor Dad's title is that his real father was upper middle class. Kiyosaki calls him his “poor dad4”. Than the story goes into 'Rich dad' – when Kiyosaki Kiyosaki developed a father-son relationship with the neighbor. That is who he is referring to when he uses the phrase “rich dad5.”

According to a critic, "... the writer is greedy and dishonest and secondly that the "less travelled road" of business ownership is very risky for less imaginative people than Kiyosaki6".

But if there is any wonder associated with, it must be on the author himself, that is Robert Kiyosaki. He made huge fortune from this book through clever publication and sales deal. As the matter fact, this book is Kiyosaki's biggest source of income until now

Lets share what other had said about him.

About "The great Robert Kiyosaki, for example, has dodgy creative finance seminars down to a fine art form, if you ever see him work you'll note that while he never shares anything useful"7.

Kiyosaki writes of a fairy tale land that exists only in seminars. His books are completely fictional8.

The apparently charming Kiyosaki seems to be his own best sales weapon, and has—of course—appeared on Oprah9.

He made huge fortune from this book through clever publication and sales deal. As the matter fact, this book is Kiyosaki's biggest source of income until now.

One of his vocal critic, John T. Reed, even questions whether Rich Dad of Kiyosaki even exists10.

Kiyosaki is primarily a creature of Amway (now Quixtar) and other multi-level marketing organizations. Reportedly, his books were not selling until he allied himself with that crowd. Then the volume of sales to those MLM guys made him a “best-selling author” which caused normal non-MLM people to think the book must be good11.

What business has Kiyosaki ever made a profit in?

With regard to his 26 million books, he is not a businessman. He is only an author. The businessmen generating those sales and profits are his publishers12 .

Robert Kiyosaki does not own any real estate companies. He has no substantial holding in any listed company at all. Prior to the Rich Dad books becoming such successes he was pretty much penniless13 .

As for Poor Dad, Kiyosaki has been criticized by, among others, his first wife for portraying his accomplished father as a failure. "In my mind he was not the Poor Dad. His spirit and heart were rich," she wrote to a Hawaii business magazine in August 200214.

Robert Kiyosaki is probably very rich, not only from what he owns, but from the sale of his books, courses, and seminars15.

So, enough with Kiyosaki. If anybody ever mention about Kiyosaki in front of me from now on, I'll sure kick his ass off.

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