Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Phone Rocks!

Man, my phone rocks!

In just 2 days, I converted my outdated Nokia N70 into a full fledge word processing machine totally. I managed to get two de facto office suites for palm / hand held machine, QuickOffice and OfficeSuite of MobiSystems [MobileSystems].

My Nokia N70 in Action

QuickOffice - I mean full feature premier version of it, not just QuickOffice Viewer that always came pre-bundled inside your Nokia gadget, includes three standard office documents; word processing, spreadsheet and presenter with full editing capabilities.

Quick Office Premier

OfficeSuite of MobiSystems came in two, word processor and spreadsheet but richer in features compare to QuickOffice.

MobileSystem OfficeSuite

As a writing addict what else do I need now, except continue writing non stop 24/7.

This is perfect, taking into account of upcoming general election of Malaysia. Pak Lah will make an announcement about it anytime soon, and I will surely capable to write about politics as much as I can. It is a frenzy for every 5 year, how can I afford to miss.

Forget about laptop. I just about to buy the cheapest notebook that currently in the market. The notebook produced by Asus with 4GB flash disk and 512 MB memory, available with RM1,299 price tag here in Kota Kinabalu.

But my phone, with 1GB memory card that I currently placed inside, I want nothing more, nothing less than this outdated mobile set to be able to write.

It is unbelievable, the tiny word processors even have spelling checker feature!

If it just about writing in *.doc format, I can type for the whole year of 2008 without having to worry that I will be short of memory space.

I truly regret on why I don't discover this IT luxury two years ago. Now, it is about glued to hand phone, previously with PC - you still the same, my wife started to complaint. But I like my phone more. I can truly sit down, mingle with them, and having good conversation in the living room watch TV while I do all the typing.

It has been a week that I did not sit "properly" in front of the PC – alright, “properly” mean 3 - 6 hours non stop, is it okay for you :^p ?

Email me if you want both softwares, I can send it to you for a mere RM20 ;^) ...

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